Dungeons are not a challenge

The 2H sword skeleton? It’s slash down attack goes through your shield too and deals…a lot of damage.
The last room in the sunken city is indeed a pretty hard place if you are alone, especially after the big update that changed the enemies’ chasing behaviour - basically they create a conga line after you and will g@ngb@ng you if you stop.

My other top hard to beat enemies (without a thrall and bows):

  • Avalanches: they are so big their attack literally surrounds you, you have a pretty low chance to block.
  • Giant snakes: same problem as above and they poison you.
  • Corrupted wolf/monstrous sabertooth: they are very swift and sunder/bleed you. Also, today was my first SUCCESFUL encounter with a corrupted wolfie!

Those are my hardest enemies. I don’t like doing the CTRL shield up + 1H sword light attacks those are cheap and requires no strategy. And as you said, if you feel the game is not challenging, don’t use thralls or legendaries. Make the game more challenging to yourself peeps!

Side note: human enemies are easier you can interrupt or stun them easily.

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Again, what’s too easy about them regarding PVE? There is plenty of challenge in the dungeons if you chose to make it challenging. Just because you can finish them does not make them too easy.

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Ooh I forgot about the Corrupted Wolves. Yeah those are pretty interesting to fight. But they’re so rare.

I’ve got a pair of them in a custom dungeon because I’m a bastard. But they only have a few hundred HP so a player who’s aggressive enough can tear one down before they’re torn to shreds themselves.

Very similar is the Sabertooths and Sandbeasts like you mentioned. I guess if I’m gonna be fair to the game, I should acknowledge some of the actually decent stuff. But none of it is really in the dungeons. Just randomly out in the world (some literally random) so you can pretty much ignore them.

So the only thing that you brought up that is in the dungeons is the 2H Sword skellies. I mean yeah the attack hurts, but its easy to dodge by stepping to the side. By the way we have the same attack and it works very well on the shield using skeletons.

Even those these are not dungeon related, I don’t want to see them in dungeons. IS the Avalanches and Snakes. Because of their size like you said, there’s not way to avoid their damage. I have found that using Pippi tools to shrink these down a bit, they become actually fightable. And due to their interesting attack patterns, they are not too hard or too easy to fight given their tier.

I’ve got the giant snake boss (drops legendary key) in one of my dungeons, but he’s 40% of the size of normal. And he’s been called a interesting optional boss (sits in a temple with a loot room, but not required to complete the rest of the dungeon) by the players on the server.

His poison makes having a thrall fight him not a great idea, so you gotta tank him yourself. And its not easy to really kite that with a bow. So its a bit of a crap sandwich that you’re forced to take a bite of.

So I think some of the fixes here would be to make those mobs smaller. Especially if used in the confines of the dungeons.

I really resent your arrogant and condescending comment about “Boomers”. You do realise, don’t you, that without them you wouldn’t be playing video games or taking part in an online forum. It was “Boomers” who developed the technology that you are currently using.
I built (from scratch) my own “home computer” in 1978. I started my career as a games developer in 1982 leaving games dev in the 90’s and moving onto network and communications development. I’m a “Boomer” and have been actively involved in hardware and software development for the past 45 years.


Nah. They are helpful for things. They just should be the thing that DOES the things for you. If you can’t beat something by yourself, a thrall shouldn’t be able to either. What would be cool is if any thrall you have following you who automatically match YOUR attributes. Then you’d have to use more strategic builds to survive fights.

Did you refer to the miniboss skeleton? Because I did, just to be clear :slightly_smiling_face:

You mentioned a shrinked snake boss in one of your dungeons. Is it a mod? Maybe I’m gonna try it out.
For this moment I had no mods that add new areas/dungeons to the game and I’m looking for new ones.

Can always leave your best armor at your base too , and go to fight bosses with your starter pyjama

Yes, I use Pippi for custom dungeons. They have NPC spawners, loot spawners, and egresses which can function as locked doors you need to kill ‘bosses’ for keys to open.

The NPC spawner allows you to enter in specific HP amounts. Multipliers for dmg, size, and exp gained.

So if I choose the Giant Snake boss. Set its HP to 5000, dmg to 0.5, size to 0.4 and exp to 2.0. It will have 5,000 HP, do half dmg, be 40% the size, and give double the exp. Great for a boss of a level 40 dungeon.

It will however drop its normal loot, both lootable and harvestable. So it would give a skeleton key when harvested. As well as any kit assigned.

Kits can be setup as drops from specific mobs, from all mobs, from NPC spawners (all NPCs from that node will give the kit), and from loot spawners.

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This has been brought up before. As a result, Funcom heavily nerfed the health bar on all the thralls.

But you’re talking about how easy things are when you have a top tier thrall. If thralls are nerfed yet again, what happens to all the other mid to low end thralls in the world? Should they just explode when they see an enemy?

Also, if you really want more of a challenge, play single player or make your own server. Then, crank up the difficulty to however you like. (Or find a private server on hard mode)

You’re also talking from the point of view of someone who is experienced with the game. New players don’t just know how to run straight to the unnamed city and exploit-catch a thrall.
There’s little you can do to counteract experience.

Every nerf Funcom implements effects everyone who plays. Why are you assuming that every player is in the same boat that you are?

Posts like this remind me of old-school MMO’s, where only 5% of the players in a few top guilds can handle the end game content. But then they also complain that the game needs more challenges.

Remember, there are other people playing this game too. And they’re not just another version of you or your friend.


I agree. Against NPC’s, the heavy combos are not different. THus any legendary weapon, flawless armor, stack of heals you can spam heavy through out a city and clear it.

If you want to solo the snake, grab some venom-infused daggers, a shield, some violet curatives (or Set antidotes) and a bunch of healing items of your choice. Go in, get a full stack of bleed+poison going on the snake, then equip the shield, quaff a curative and heal yourself. Rinse and repeat until the snake is dead.

Thing is, the “dungeons are not a challenge” problem is something Conan Exiles will never solve, as long as we have combat thralls. And I’m not saying this because I want to get rid of thralls.

Think about it logically: there will always exist an optimal way to fight an AI. If that optimal way requires a lot of skill, then players are happy and call it challenging. As long as you have an option to pit one AI against another, it won’t require a lot of skill. The only way to change that is to remove the friendly AI out of the equation.

Unfortunately, since the combat thralls are also used in PVP for base defense, there is no way to nerf the thralls properly for PVE without making them useless for PVP.

The closest I can come to the solution would be to add a bunch of multipliers that apply to thralls if they’re following you, decreasing their attack power and increasing the damage they receive, so that they aren’t disproportionately more powerful than players. And I’m sure that this solution has problems I haven’t thought of yet. :man_shrugging:

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You have to do this and add mods. Simply adjusting the settings isn’t enough.

He didn’t play the game the way it’s meant to be played (PvE, once you are talking about Dungeons). There is no way, in just 2 weeks, to discover all game mechanics, resources, etc to “completely annihilated” it. What your friend must have done is to follow a “step by step” on how to level up fast, how to get good thralls, how to get the best equipment, etc. Two weeks playing the game the way it’s meant to be played, he wouldn’t neither know how to access all the dungeons. So it’s not a game fault. Your friend decided to skip the best part of the PvE gameplay (discover and exploration) to just rush and finish the game.


It does not take 2 weeks to explore the map. In fact I told him to explore, since getting PoI’s and Journey gives a decent amount of exp. He just happened to kill everything he met along the way.

The only thing he didn’t bother with, was building elaborate bases. He had just what he needed to take on the content he wanted to.

Conan Exiles is not a hard game if you’re not playing PVP. I’m sorry, it really isn’t.

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Arena champion is one of the easiest bosses ingame … Easy to kill even in harvester mode with no thrall… And no bow on u…
Maybe u should venture a bit without ur thralls (and that is why i strongly suggest that thralls should not be able to leave the base /build/claimed area for no reason -this way their sole purpose will be just defensive). Send us a video of u solo killing the king rhino, or set snake or perhaps the last room in sunken … i am curious of how easy and fast u manage to do it (for egoistic reasons i will not mention wine cellar as solo…) And then we can discuss of how easy end game is…

I find it great that devs offered an easy mode (as not all players r attracted in fighting in this game), but what most forget is that u do not have to use all in order to make game interesting…
Lets say that u can also master everything in single by admin and killing all with one combination… That does not means the game is bad… .

Ps. I await for the vids i asked to show us… maybe if u r that good, i will support ur cause

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Yet you call @Taemien out as egotistical…Really???
The Arena champion solo is the hardest, because you get 1 (maybe 2 if lucky and spec’d right) mistakes and you are dead.

Sure, in single-player, where you can’t get lagged.

On a server, though? Get a lag spike and you’re dead.


This also assumes extensive experience with the game. I guarantee you, someone who hasn’t played Conan before is not going to just waltz through the content unless they’ve been watching YouTube videos on how to cheese the game (e.g.: how to exploit the Warmaker Adjutant at level 10 for the ultimate cheddar gaming experience).


I didn’t tell it isn’t an easy game. But it’s hard to believe your friend “annihilated” the game in 2 weeks just playing and exploring with no more than one tip: “explore”. You can support your ideia that Conan is an easy game with facts. Or at least, easy to prove information.


Are these things hard for you? Is that the stance you are taking? That there are things you struggle with, that I’m calling too easy. Is that what you are saying?

My prowess at the game is irrelevant. I could be the worst player in the game, or God’s gift to the game and it wouldn’t change the facts that are presented. The same could be said for you.

You want me to provide proof of taking on the King Rhino, or Set Snake, or whatever. But we have no baseline to go off of. If I kill those things easily, what does that prove? You obviously want me to launch into a 1x environment, waste time setting that up, recording it, scaling it so I can upload it, and then making a youtube account to link from.

All for what? What do I get out of all that? Not to mention the content you want me to take on is irrelevant. I’m gonna prove I can waste my time getting some skeleton keys? Just to prove I can play the game to you?

No. We’re not going to do that. I don’t want your approval. You can stuff it. I’m going to continue saying what I’m saying with or without that. If you want me to waste my time, I need more than you agreeing with me. Way more than that. I’ve got nothing to prove to you. Your stakes are too low for what you ask.

Everyone else can try what I’ve suggested on their own. They can come to their own conclusions.