Thalls being so much more powerful than players makes Conan boring

I play with a group of 2 friends, generally PVE and thralls are just so much more powerful than players. The three of us (all max level max equipment) find it hard to tackle world bosses like the Red mother or some others. One hit against us with our 4-500 hps can be death, but send in one thrall pull up a chair and munch popcorn while watching them take out a world boss all on their own is a thing.

It almost makes the game a spectator sport. Sure you can not use them at all, but it seems like the bosses are balanced well above human players. The King rocknose for instance is almost impossible to take out with just three players.

Thralls and pets should enhance your combat capabilities, not completely outclass them.


Not at all. A single player can take out all of the world bosses with a little strategy and proper skills. Me and my guys regularly make runs for fragments and legendaries by hitting the bosses in the Unnamed City.

You can do it. It just takes patience, good fighting skills and strategic positioning. Or a Thrall and healing arrows. Just setting your thrall loose won’t always make them a winner.

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The game is what you make of it. But if an option makes the game less enjoyable for you, I would suggest you stop using that option and come up with some alternative tactics. You have the immense luxury of having friends to play with, I’m sure between you, you can come up with something better than “sick a thrall on her and eat popcorn”.

As for the Rocknose King, I’ve defeated him while in Encumberance Spec, without a thrall, and I’m no pro player. Took forever, wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s definitely doable.


I like this layed back gameplay. No stress, just relax. RL is hard enough.

Best part of this is choice: If you want a challenge, just leave your thrall at home.


or go naked to farm bosses. (if challenge is needed XD)

What’s this concept of “a party” ? I am of course aware what it usually means, but there’s no such functionality in CE, is there?

Yeah that would probably be fine, too, though I’m not sure the AI could handle it, heh.

I just wish people would stop calling for the removal of features just because they don’t like them. Just… don’t use them, then.


I know our server isn’t exactly overheating with gank during the summer, but standing back and watching your thrall fight a boss is usually a recipe for getting killed and the key stolen. Thralls may hit well and fight competently enough, but your contribution gets you out of there quickly. It also teaches you how to fight without harming your partner; there are plenty of times when you’ll be fighting alongside a non-clan ally. Personally, I like the damage where it is.


I get what you’re saying. There’s plenty of things that irritate me about this game and the disparity in the difficulty levels of some of the NPC’s is among them. I have beaten every boss in the game solo, but beating on the same NPC for the amount of time it takes to kill some of them is snooze worthy and, for me, detracts from the immersion and replayability. You can’t even tweak the damage multipliers in single player to come closer to balancing it. You’d have to tweak it on the fly for nearly everything you fight.

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I don’t like using thralls, because the AI sucks and you have no control over them. But, I’d rather have access to all of the content as a solo player than be forced to group up. What else are FC supposed to do given they have lots of group players and lots of solo players?

Well, If dungeons would be “locked down” or lets say it is played in another “instance”, then at least their HP could be tied around player-amount…

But as dungeons are open for everyone all the time, Funcom cannot do that.

them being giant hp pools is another problem entirely, 99% of ppl cant beat the brother of blood solo, that lone shows a problem

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The Brother of Blood is a crazy boss. Soloing him (without abusing a safe-spot and shooting him dead) is slow, tedious and still too easy to miss the pace and get murdered by a big bad wolf. It’s not a fight, it’s a matter of hiding behind a shield and then poking him while he’s taking a nap, then going back to hiding behind a shield. I get bored to death before I get halfway through his hitpoints. Or I lose focus and slip, and he kills me.

Most world bosses are slow and broadcast their attacks so that it’s easy to evade them. I can solo dragons (including the Red Mother), giant spiders, giant scorpions (even though I somehow always screw up here and get hit by his one-two punch), giant crocodiles, etc. but they take so much time to bring down alone that at some point the fight becomes tedious. There’s so much in this game that is tedious already - running to places, harvesting materials, waiting for stuff to cook, etc. that I’d rather not have combat be tedious, too.

Which isn’t to say I want it to be more difficult. I’m not a very skilled player so I don’t want to have my life depend on split-second reflexes all the time - but I’d like to have some variety to spice up the poke-roll-poke-roll-poke-roll-catch your breath-poke-roll.


No, people dont want to waste 30mins at a boss. Thats it.

Made the first 2 bosses solo. Panther is easy, but that damn gorilla . Just Stab, Roll, Stab, Roll… for 30mins…
After it, I went there with my thrall. Gorilla was down in 20seconds.

Same with Brother of Blood… alone you can only attack while he howls. Thats it . Shield up, wait for the short window to stab, then shield up…

Thats not difficult, just tedious… same with many Dark Souls bosses. Hence there is a reason, why people can beat dark Souls with drums or other stuff. Its not hard. Learn the pattern, only attack when there is an opportunity and thats it.

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They shouldn’t do that anyway.

I died today because I rolled twice, used up all my stamina to get out of the way of an attack, and then I was teleported back to where I started. I still have no stamina despite getting teleported back to where I started, as if I never even moved, and I got stunlocked to death because of that.

You can’t expect people to have split second timing with very short invulnerability windows in an environment like that.

It’s true, thralls are better than players as tanks and, sometimes, as dps.

But think about it: the same thralls are defeated by players anyway, AS* will Always be worst than human.

*ok AI… but sometimes it’s artificial stupidity, really :laughing:

You can win alone any challenges of this game.

Before last update I killed at least once every single creature in this game without a thrall and I assure you @Grunt1 I’m not that good in figth.

Sure, you have to use good strategy, have best weapons and armor etc. etc., you have to be a little decent skill in combat, but more important is to learn HOW to defeat an enemy.

You cannot just trust your skill with shi77y weapons and armors, without a good build of attributes etc.

And… well it’s you deciding your grade of challenge. You play PvE, you have not to care of other players attacking you, so if you want to do things without thralls don’t use them.

Of course if you want to act like a tank and you’re facing a Rockslide… well it’s not a good choice. But it’s a question of strategy. No more no less.

And if it’s still really frustrating or impossible to win a challenge without a thrall for you… use a thrall, there’s no shame in it.

But honestly with good strategy and tactics there is no challenge you can’t win in solo and you’re three of you :wink:


Solo players don’t have to. If you are playing solo, aren’t looking for a challenge and just want to get your skeleton key farm

  1. Locust Queen
  2. Black Scorpion
  3. Demon spider

Solo players can watch a couple of “How to…” Youtube videos, and then they can. Probably. Maybe. I did, and ended up bringing a thrall to do the dirty work for me anyway because, as I said above, the real solo way to do it is boring.

For the record, and not directed at anyone in particular, but:

“solo players” can (and should) always use a thrall if they don’t feel up to the challenge of competing without one. For whatever reason. I just want to keep it that way (thralls being strong enough to be a viable option for solo players).

I often use a thrall, for economics of time if nothing else.


If i was playing on PC i might sympathise with you but i doubt it since you want to fundamentally change how ppl play there game and enjoy there game when the option is there to simply not use what you consider a boring feature.

Now also to where i do play, the PlayStation, please come to PlayStation and show me how easy it is with thralls, does using thralls in what amounts to suicide when facing these bosses bareable? Yes it does and opens content i otherwise wouldn’t be doing, why you ask it sooo easy you say? Imagine for just one second block not working when you press the corresponding button and dodge doing the exact same thing, even the simplest task as craft all doing absolutely nothing until the 10th, 20th press of the button ontop of laggy servers even in solo or a newly paid server from g-portal, then yeah come back and say it to easy, come back and say you want to rip the one feature out this game that makes the content doable and enjoyable for what seems a majority and until then go solo if it to easy

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