Why go to the trouble of re-balancing the gameworld to make enemies harder but then have super powerful melee thralls which nullifies the challenge?

Just curious - as the topic states, why go to so much effort to raise the difficulty of the game world (a great thing IMO) - but then have player thralls able to nullify that difficulty? The ease at which a 7k hp fighter thrall will melt most other thralls/creatures/bosses in the game is a bit ridiculous. Is this going to get looked at at some point? Things like frost giants, mammoths etc get absolutely pwned by these thralls where fighting them solo is a lot more challenging (and i dont mean difficult, but if you’re not properly fighting/dodging you’ll get cleaned up pretty quickly).

Thralls/pets work good as just a distraction even when weaker, but the sheer amount of attack power fighter humanoid thralls have in particular seems a bit whack. I guess the only consoliation is they’re very lacking when it comes to being able to command them (ie a lack of attack command at minimum) but still, when you look at overall game balance, it seems pretty out of whack here.


i’d personally like to see a decrease in thrall strength to the level they are in the wild… but make them smarter; try to dodge… perhaps even retreat to heal when damaged (using consumables)… and allow multiple of them to follow us (like 5 or 6 max) also a set of fighting commands to control them to some extent would be of great use (passive, aggressive, attack select target, incapacitate target, ect). in my mind wild creatures should be a challenge for the lone player, bosses should be costly to fight with NPCs and “suicidal light infantry” (T1-2 thralls) should serve as a meatshield for your T3 and 4s


So solo players can complete all content in the game without using the admin panel.


They definitely should shift the power balance between player and thrall strength. Right now players can defeat thralls because we can use cheese mechanics, stun-lock, abuse animations, etc. Not usually because are just stronger.

I would love to see them allow parties of thralls/pets, and much more control over their actions, assigning roles, etc. But let’s all be honest. That is dreaming wayyyyyyy beyond any ability they’ve given us reason to expect. :upside_down_face:


All content in the game is absolutely do’able without a thrall. The only difference is you need to actually fight rather than just stand back and let the thrall faceroll it. I myself play solo often and have little trouble - but things that require effort are easier just left to thralls. This has nothing to do with affecting the solo/co-op experience and besides, if you’re playing co-op you have control over your own world - if its too dfifficult you can adjust it to your own needs.


This is like proclaiming that difficult games are not intended for solo players, wich is just blatantly not true, considering the success of hard games like Darksouls and Sekiro.

There is no mechanic in this game that requires more then one player.
Every content is soloable, even without thralls. They make it easier, but are not mandatory in any way.

Playing solo is no casual walk through, but that was never intended anyways.

The game is hard in some aspects, and that is good.


I’m a Solo player. I got into Conan Exiles accepting that I may not be able to enjoy 100 % of the content because it’s too hard for me alone. Not because the content is intended for groups, but because I’m just not a very skilled player. Some bosses are simply beyond my skill level.

I don’t blame Funcom for this. Some games are easy, others are hard. I can enjoy most of Conan Exiles content on my own perfectly well, sometimes accompanied by one of the Artificial Idiots. The rest of the game, well… if I really wanted, I guess I could practice more and learn how to solo the Midnight Grove end boss with stone daggers and loincloth. But I can accept the fact that currently, I’m not skilled enough to do that, and I don’t have the time or motivation to get that much better.


I know that was probably not an entirely serious remark, but you don’t have to go for the ‘solo bosses with stonedaggers and lioncloth’ to experience the entire game.

Also using Thralls to assist you is a completely viable game mechanic, albeit it makes some aspects far to easy, after you have properly outfitted your thralls that is. Wich in itself is a feat you have to achieve.


Soloing bosses is not fun. And I did it with many bosses for 1 time… But 20-30mins compared to max 2mins on some bosses… No thx. And how much more regen-stuff you need. If the bloodlife spear would still be as good as before they nerf.

And its not like that the bosses have better mechanics or sth, they just have more health… woow. The challenge…

Tip for you: If you find it to easy with a T4 fighter thrall - > dont use one. Dont cry for nerfs overall…

Also frost-giants hard? Because of frostbite or? Use the cold protetction shield and that isnt a problem at all… I face tank them alone.


I didn’t interpret that as saying Frosties or mammoths etc. are hard, just that you need to be at least somewhat awake while fighting them because the damage they do can accumulate quickly. Most NPCs have predictable, slowish attack patterns, so dodging them isn’t difficult unless you’re drunk or something.

The OP’s point is that if you have a thrall, you don’t really need to fight them at all, because a thrall will kill them so quickly you barely have any time to contribute.

I do agree with you that going solo against bosses gets tedious because the combat mechanics are so limited, the only variables are the boss’s hitpoints and how much damage it does if you fail a dodge. A thrall doesn’t really make already easy things easier, just faster.


Alone the fight against Impisi… You can only attack him, when he howls. Wow. What a “challenged” fight when you make it alone…

Its not challenging if you are only able to hit him, while he howls otherwise you are minced meat, because he attacks faster than Usain Bolt…

Or the other “way” is using double jump or lure the boss in a stucked position and then shoot >100 arrows at it…
Yeah, so “pro” that fight, because no thrall was used… smh

And if some people really need that “challenge”, then I have nothing against it. Just dont use a thrall or a weaker one.
But if you FARM bosses (making it way more often than 1 time), you dont want to waste 30mins at a boss.

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:thinking: Ok - Farming Bosses I think is the only reason that speaks for the overpowered T4 thrall.
Otherwise, exactly this topic has already been dealt with in great detail in:

Here also the solution was pointed out, which would meet all playstyles, if the Devs implement it, which I really hope very much.

The suggestion for this solution was already pointed out on this topic from March 2019.

The Devs definitely know about this suggestion.
Really - The solution is obvious!
IMO they didn’t implemented it till now because they are working on AI Improvements and a Thrall Overhaul.

While i agree for the most here, i think it’s also difficult to make it right for all players and communities.

It would need much more different settings and possibilities for different game-plays than now. A high health thrall like now can be a life-saver and real help for a lonely player, but is OP when it comes to bigger clan and groups.
Sure we can alter settings for the different style, but still not enough, and to much are linked.
A setting to deliminate how much health and power a thrall get when tamed could help here. So player could chose having thralls like “in the wild”, or hight stats thralls like now, and of course, all states between that.


If you think thralls are too strong, don’t use them. If you want to be a badass and solo everything, fine. But some of us like thralls the way they are.


Maybe if we had more attribute points we can become equals with the thralls. Just a suggestion. There is no denying that the thralls are way stronger than the players.

When I hear a statement like this, I figure it must be a PvP thing (I play PvE), because I just don’t get why having thralls be better than players is a bad thing. I played like 4k hours in ARK, it was always that way (tames in that case).

Like others say, if you don’t want easy mode (not saying I think having one thrall is easy mode), don’t bring any thralls with you. I love easy mode, so I play with a mod that lets be bring three thralls with me. That is about my speed.

I actually didn’t start playing Conan until a few months ago, because some of the trailers I saw down played the importance of tames and thralls and I thought the game would mostly be the player against everything. I wouldn’t be interested in a game like that, so hadn’t tried this game before a few months ago.

Half the fun in this game is collecting an awesome selection of thralls to protect the base and go and kill bosses with. If they were nerfed to become basically no better than another player, then that would remove half the fun of the game for me.


It’s not a PvP thing. I don’t want thralls nerfed (I play pvp), I want smarter AI. Then they wouldn’t require the dummy buffer of bonus health they possess currently. Thralls suck at base defense.

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Still don’t get how this is not a PvP thing. In PvE, the only thing that thralls have to defend a base from is a purge (unless you have some griefer on your server). How well they defend is mostly how well you as the player place them in strategic locations where they can kill the attacking purge. I’m almost always online for a purge, since the purge meter does not go up when you are offline. So the thralls basically are just there to help me with any purge when I’m online and attacked.

So for the PvE I play, thralls are not really important for base defense. I use them almost exclusively for helping knock out other thralls and fighting bosses. I do have some tames to help kill purges.

Ya, would be cool if the thralls were smarter, but mostly I’m there with them to keep an eye on them, so smarter is not my biggest priority.

If you as a PvP player want this change, why not just own up to it being a PvP thing? Then us PvE players can just ignore all the reasoning as to why this would be so great for “everyone”.

that’s not a luxury you are allowed when your opponent is a human player

I’ve done most of old bosses with out thralls, AI just isnt good enough to really need them.

They are fairly strong, its mostly AI.

Its like Souls games (earlier ones anyway) Having a Summon/Thralls basiclly breaks AI.

As Archer, the thralls basiclly keeps argo while I bore myself to death firing bow over and over.
I just kinda stop taking them.
But then you have damage sponges like World bosses… were I send 10 of them to there deaths as i watch, LOL.

IF AI was able switch targets more often, have more AOE’s it be abit more fun with them around.
I think one of my fave fights is when Kings Scourge spawns 2. His little aoes, his rush. thrall or not its some fun stuff.
Something like Queen and Statues… boring… with or without.
Dragons… fall abit short. There good. But They need few more moves.
Its like Old MH games, you can keep right distances and lure them into same attacks.

I like thralls were they are honestly, AI need more tweaks before we touch thralls. And if we do touch thralls… it better be new dancer outfits and workbench clothes changes 1st.