Why go to the trouble of re-balancing the gameworld to make enemies harder but then have super powerful melee thralls which nullifies the challenge?

Tames I understand but people… That are the same type of being no. Dinosaurs and animals yes@ wildbill

I bring Sasha my (greater)wolf nowadays… Good chance she’ll get banged up, but not overly OP that she solo’s bosses.

Most of my “thralls” are archer who look good, and stand on walls, and really good looking melee get hang out around place.

I use Bow most of time… and most thralls are “falidor” or what ever elf name was from Skyrim… always walking in front of my shots. >_>

My thought!

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Ya, I was responding to the OP here. There are opinions all over the place in this thread. It has gotten very confusing.

The OP wanted thralls nerfed, many that responded did not. You and I seem to mostly agree on this topic. Don’t nerf the thralls.

I think almost everyone agrees that better AI for thralls would be good. I personally don’t see that as very important though.


I agree better ai is needed for thralls and also emotes 2 spice some things up

apologies, I admit I was confused I should have figured it wasn’t at my post

I think this is something ALL gamemodes could celebrate.


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yeah im hopeful about new thrall rework. There is soooo much potential.

But if the AI gets smarter, we might end up having moments like this:


That’d be the day (no, really).

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The original post I made concerning a method to adjust thrall health and damage separately from NPCs was for dedicated servers, not official servers.

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