Thralls are OP - Thrall damage should not be tied to npc damage

It doesnt take any hit if you will be able to adjust the settings for Thralls/pets with their own seperate settings. Then you can adjust them how you like - from easy to barbaric.
On our dedicated private server we actual play with harder npcs and monsters. They have more hp, take less damage and give more damage. We always were wondering about the overpowered Thralls/pets on our server - now we know - its becauseThralls damage is tied to NPC damage. This counteracts our settings towards the monsters/npcs. If you take a thrall with you he will slay the whole camp for you. Thats too easy. It kills the game experience and the fun - there is no chalange anymore. We want to nerf those thralls/pets. It should be more dificult and death threatening, also for thralls. Therefore we need seperate setting for thralls/pets.
We want it more difficult - others want it easier.