[Thralls&Pets] Health and Damage


I didn’t see anything on the current Testlive Patches nor topics about something like this, so let me ask this:

Since the updates on Thralls&Pets, you can say they are too much dangerous and overpower the player which is odd because they are slaves, they are just followers. You can have them solo bosses for you, which unbalance a lot of things on many community servers.

Why don’t you include two sliders for servers to deal with that on their own and choose how strong they want the Thralls and Pets to be? Yes, currently you can control NPC strength and heal, but these sliders will modify EVERY NPC in the game and that’s the problem.

How about adding two sliders that modify only Thralls&Pets strength and health and not the whole bestiary of Conan Exiles, trying that on Testlive first? Everyone could benefit from it, and people fine with the current/future changes could stay on Official Servers. On community servers, people that love to play with them could increase their strength if they want to, the other that don’t enjoy too much of their combat presence could lower it and be happy with it instead of deactivating everything for everyone.

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The settings you’ve mentioned are already added for server owners / admin to configure, just harder to find; they’re under miniondamage or minionhealth in the server settings ini file if memory serves.

If one has access to said server file then they can make changes to thralls / pets without affecting other world NPCS. :smiley:

Very old parameters, they don’t seem to work on PC but they still have (apparently) the sliders on PS4

Interesting - I’ve tested them with IQOL to see the damage when I changed the setting and it worked for me. I’ll keep my eye on it. :face_with_monocle:

I don’t use any mods, I don’t want to, that’s the point.
On a “vanilla” dedicated server, it doesn’t work. I had the privilege to try on two servers, two different hosting services and any attempt with the Minion parameters( “MinionDamageMultiplier” and “MinionDamageTakenMultiplier”) in ServerSettings.ini of each server failed. Nothing is working.

Like I said, the game doesn’t use it anymore on PC and Thralls&Pets stats are only editable through the NPC parameters (which change also the bosses)

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