Server setting: Adjustable thrall/pet damage intake/output seperate from NPCs

On my server and in my community, we love our thralls and pets.
We’re nerdy roleplayers who love having a companion that is sworn to carry our burdens without a peep,
or fight alongside us - or better yet a pet, and so on.
But, the last patch made these so strong that we simply cannot make use of them fairly.
We enforce a lot of rules on our server to promote fair and healthy RP-PVP by setting both guidelines, and lines in the sand.
After the last patch with the release of the Unnamed City relic weapons, venom weapons and particularly the Sword of Crom, in combination with the thrall buffing - we’ve had to simply disallow it being used in PVP.
The Sword of crom for example is an extremely high damage sword which is only balanced if you suffer the drawback to the weapon - the full stamina drain. This does not apply to NPC’s, so if you give one to your t4 votaries thrall, he will efficiently oneshot other players, and continue the combo if he doesnt - outperforming the hardest bosses in the game BY FAAAAR.

I realise we dont speak for the whole community, but there has to be other people than just us who find this to be a real bummer and would want to tone down these insane thrall fighters.
Please, give us the tools to adjust thrall damage seperately from NPCs and wildlife. It would save the patch for us.


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