Restricting thralls at least in the dungeons


Good day to you everyone , can we take a few minutes and talk about thralls mostly on PVE servers? lets just say, T4 thrall the best ones arent hard to get especially fighters, so they have around 7.4k hp, if u dress them up with some edgy silent armor they have 720 armor and reducing 74%damage done to them, also if u equip them with some spicy 2hsword or crom sword, its basically cheating, hes almost immortal, DEALING 2x more dmg than you so all u need in PVE is just hide under the skirt of your mighty edgy big guy and youre all done. Cant wait for the next updates for thralls with 30k hp

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I get your point that thralls can trivialize the game.


Restricting them is not much the answer. I often don’t bring one with me to test my own metal. Why restrict somone elses good time?


You could always challenge yourself and fight the dungeons on your own. Noone forces you to bring a thrall along. Furthermore, there are not many dungeons in the game which you will want to “farm”.


I dont know, theyre constantly introducing new pve dungeons , challegning ones, many bosses , higher diff but what of it. All u need to do is bring your thrall and watch, thats not what u call a survival game. The better option would be clear all the dungeons from enemies and at end just roll a dice for loot, och wait ,it is actually, for example with unnamed city but that doesnt consider as dungeon


Its true you can “hide” under their skirt, but that would be boring. When my thrall pulls aggro, I am in there with it, usually taking AOE damage and getting tossed around. If they ever change the Meta it wont be because of PVE, trust me. Ask any PVP player what its like going against these thralls.


Personally I would prefer bringing pets over thralls. But lets face it. Thralls are more superior.

I know the bearer is getting a nerf bat soon. Volcano which is a level 60 zone is getting better thralls. But at the risk lf being in the volcano of course.

I like the Idea of my Vendhyan archer running with a tiger. It just seems much more stylish and fiitting than my current armored purse with a 2 handed sword


i dont even wanna imagine the fight between player and thrall at pvp server when u see what they can do at pve , but that idea of bringing only pets would be much more better because theyre far more balanced that those gods called tier4 thralls

but on the other hand, lets take a closer look from mycom side. almost all the bosses in the new dungeon /unnamed city are skeletons, that means theyre unstaggerable machines. They really want to bring our thralls even while leaving our houses to get some wood

That’s the reason why Thralls and Pets are op
Take a look the answer of the Devs


That part is true. Now I do bring a Well armed bearer with me when I am in a harvesting build. To be honest I need the backup he provides because I cant take a proper hit in that build. I also dont like being encumbered.

If elephants and rhinos were decent id bring my fancy ones with me. Because they look great.

But alas. It is not meant to be.

For solo players thralls are the only thing that lets you complete some of the content, like world bosses and such. I don’t hide behind him cause what’s the point, but having a thrall will 5-7k hp makes up for the incredibly glitchy interactions and fight sequences.

I’m not saying they’re balanced, I completely agree that 7.4k hp is too high for PVP. At the same time, with as often as Dalinsia stands off to the side and watches me fight while just enjoying the scenery, it almost evens out. I guess I don’t PVP often enough to see the problems. I tend to just stay under the radar.

In my region the servers usually suck as well, having the thrall gives me an option to back off if the server takes a dump mid-fight.


I will admit that I make heavy use of fighter thralls. They’re efficient(ish) when they work, and it allows me as a solo player on official servers to take on challenges I’d otherwise not be able to do. If you’re a player who prefers playing with other real people 24x7, then that’s great and you probably don’t all need to bring thralls with you.

This game is a sandbox, and sometimes just not making use of an option is the right call rather than going on about how it must be removed because you don’t like it. Note: This is addressing those who are denigrating thrall users and PvE players, not those who want the balance looked at such as @TwoJay.

It also fits my personal choice/rp which is the antithesis of “my guy syndrome”, ie “my guy” is not the chosen one or a legendary warrior like Conan, and he cannot take on mythical monsters alone and persevere. So bringing backup when facing the myriad dangers of the exiled lands is only sensible.


finally, I was expecting comments like “och im just solo player ,cant do anything against boses hur hur”

for your information im solo player too and all bosses are soloable, they have like 3 type of attacks u can easily learn the pattern of them but who would waste a time on it while u have GodMode thrall and your heavy armor + 2h sword and pressing mouse 2 behind your thrall, right?

those Gods so called thralls changed the game from survival to “just building simulator”

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so because you prefer to have a certain playstyle forced upon you, we should remove the ability for all to choose how they want to play the game?

you want a hardcore survival game but you are too weak to choose the more difficult path.


In an open World Game everyone has its own playstyle. A good open world game should or better will support these different playstyles.
That’s why I support separate settings for Thrall/pet damage (minion damage and minion damage taken) and HP.
It is the choice of the player how difficult he wants to set these settings.
Right now it’s possible for the player and the NPCs but not really for the Thralls/Pets. The settings of the Thralls/Pets are tied to the settings of the NPCs/Monsters. This counteracts a more difficult playstyle.

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creating more options is a good thing, reducing the existing ones is not. op calls for removal of thralls cos he asks for a challenge but he still goes with the most effective option. if he wants a challenge he could take a pet or he could equip his thralls with less gear or even get weaker thralls. he could as well go solo but no … with all these options available to them they come and ask for the thralls to be removed.


Nope. I broke thralls for the sole purpose of fighting for me.

I didn’t make it to the top of the food chain just to have to do my own work.

that’s why the debate occur^^, i also think that thrall/pet have unreal hp pool, but so are worldboss & such.

Sure if thrall are nerf, that would be on the depend of those who over-use them, but still, if they aren’t well those who don’t hang out with thrall bodyguard are the one disavantaged.

So it come clear that somehow a balance between those two aspect should take place.

('bout that btw, plz people don’t be THAT much onto defensive argument, i don’t think the point is to keep an advantage at bay, but it’s to diversify playstyle rather than make some useless and other over power.)

I will just leave it here

calls for pve changes, posts a pvp video …

edit: thrall vs player video to be precise

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