Restricting thralls at least in the dungeons


@DragonSk I’m glad that you’re so proud of your dick size, but rather than waiting for the ‘hur hur I’m solo’ people just choose to solo the bosses and leave your thralls at home. If I take the time to break a thrall and want to have them take the hits from the sand reaper queen, why would I not?

You want to add difficulty by soloing a world boss, have fun, good for you. But don’t act like another player is doing it wrong by using a mechanic that was put in the game to be used. I get people that complain about thralls and PVP, but who gives a f*ck what someone else does with their thrall in PVE?


Think I’ve had about enough of things in PvE getting nerfed lately, particularly thralls and weapons. Gonna vote “No Thanks” on this suggestion.


So what if people having fun and using a thrall they caught? Why should, because you think it is not the way it should be, Funcom make restrictions like they are doing now with the bearer thralls?

Then just enter a dungeon, butt naked with a stone sword and let other players enjoy their game. If you like it hard, no one will stop you. Not every player is a ‘die hard, 12 hours a dat gamer.’

Have you not been able to capture a T4 Fighter from either Sepermeru or the Volcano yet, or do you simply not take a follower with you? The whole reason the OP is complaining (a complaint I disagree with, btw), is because a T4 fighter with a high grade or legendary weapon can take down bosses in only a few minutes, faster if you’re helping with bleed/poison/sunder.


Honestly I totally disagree with that suggestion.

The Whole point is “You can hide and let your thrall do all the work”. Where’s the one forcing you to do it ?

Or it’s just you hate people doing it ? What’s about people without the skill to complete a dungeon or win a boss fight without a thrall ?

“Thralls are ruining PvP meta”. It could be. When I quit once and for all the PvP 11 months ago one of the things I totally hated of the PvP was no matter how many thralls you placed in defence of your base, if you was offline no offline defence had a single chance to stop a raid.

If now it’s not this way, than this is a game improuvement.

“tied thrall damage to npc or player” ok but only the day the AI will be at least as good as a human player, because with the current AS ( Artificial stupidity) my answer will ever be “no thanks”.

Before the thrall “revamp” they was totally useless, just decorations, no good even against purges !

I like the way they are now.

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Ah ok, thanks for clarifying. For a moment I thought you were disdaining the help of a follower.

Coffee really is the key to reading comprehension. :sweat_smile:

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In general video game are about interact with the world, and if someone rely on his thrall to do all the dirty work it let him few space for improvement and the learning curve will be a frustrating statement.

Even if a so called nerf would hurt some immediately, with enouth time it will serve both purpose, that are bein protected & assisted by a thrall while having a bit of dificulty in fight.

By that logic you could also disable all teamwork and multiplayer features because some players might “rely on their team mates to do all the dirty work”. Close all the servers, everyone back to single-player.

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Yea, on my server I’ve got a clan that has 5 members, but only one of them is ever farming his little heart out to build the giant, sweaty bases they put everywhere. He’s basically a thrall doing the dirty work for everyone else. Better disable that so the others can learn to git gud.

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Sorry to say but thralls can still be killed if you put them up against the wrong bosses and i am against lowering the overall health of the thralls because you have to rember that the game wasn’t made with just you in mind. There are alot of people who play that game and there skill levels are all different. Many of them players will find such changes remove even more content for them. Such changes will also effect single game players who don’t have help ingame unless with thralls not just pve but I suspect that didn’t cross your mind. Don’t try to force how you want to play the game on others. While i have not much trouble with fighting most things in the game i have one player on my server who is disabled and has a hard time playing the game at times, should we make it harder for him to do things because of your complaining?

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So I think the general consensus is 'Leave my thrall alone". That being said, can we teach them more than. “Set will grant me cunning!”, it gets a bit old… :stuck_out_tongue:


If average player’s age is teenager I could agree with you.
But it’s not the truth.

The truth, in my experience, is it’s more common to see an over 40 on official servers in EU than an under 30.

I will be 40 in september and my mother is just 70 and she plays this game with me. We have thousands of hours on this game, it’s not about Learning curve, it’s just reflexes and hand coordination are not the ones we had when we was youngs.

I understand the feelings of players finding the game too easy, but nothing force you to use faster or easier ways to obtain a win.

“Challenges”, in videogames, exist for this reason. Even mods could exist for this reason.

Just let us playing in peace, please. :slightly_smiling_face:


I play to relax, not to stress out. I tend to play solo, mainly because I’m on a low-population server and the only people I’d even consider playing with are not on all that much. If you want to test yourself mano-a-mano against a boss all by yourself, have at it. But don’t suggest nerfing thralls so that those of us who play solo and want to relax are hampered. Hey, this is a sandbox game, which means that you can generally play as you want. Let’s leave it that way.


The problem is that until now “HP” is the funcom approach to “difficulty”.
World bosses are just as dumb as any other mobs in the game (which means they have absolute zero AI), so grinding them yourselves is extremely boring (I agree it’s doable, but I wouldn’t do it even if you paid me to).
The answer to that is your thrall helper. Since they didn’t manage to make them smart either, then they have to balance with 1000s of HP to balance with their suicidal tendencies.
If you ask me, the problem isn’t really the HP of these thralls. It’s the fact that the whole game lacks a basic AI.


If you got a sword of crom you were really Lucky mate, because i killed about 150 skeletton bosses and never found one.
Therefore i consider this argument not being trully relevant as this weapon is probably the rarest of the entire game.

Yes thralls are OP COMPARED to players in Boss fights and it’s good this way if you ask me. Thralls are maybe the main mechanic of the game and now we are not afraid to use them where it’s most needed.

However, as i stated several months ago, i agree the best fighters of the game are WAY too easy to get.

Solution : adjust the sepermeru faction as it used to be: “RIGHT BEFORE the heirs of the North faction”.

The best fighters of the game should be rare and pretty taugh to get, exactly the way they are with daicas and spinas at the volcano. this should be our late game top fighters hunt territory (eventhough i Don’t like this place)

I know this wouldn’t please everyone, but it would be a good way to get things balanced and fair.

have fun all !

yes i confirm too, it took me 163 boss kill to find one crom, drop rate is very low, even if some have been very Lucky to have one quickly, but they will not have a second one quickly for sure :).

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I got mine within the first 15 trials for sure. Didn’t know I was that lucky!
However I heard yesterday that fighter thralls might have limited stamina… is that true?

you was very lucky, 1% probability drop rate from only 3 boss (+1 where you need to climb), others don’t drop it

didn’t notice about limited stamina

To the best of my knowledge there is technically no such thing as stamina for thralls, so by definition it cannot be limited. Anything is, of course, subject to change should the powers that be decide it so, but for the moment - no.

The limited AI had led to the propagation of many myths about what thralls can and cannot do (weapon preference, a hidden strength stat, now a hidden stamina stat etc), some true, some false, and that also can supposedly change from one patch to the next.

I really do wish we could get some word-of-God knowledge about what Thralls can and cannot do, but for some reason that has not happened (yet, at any rate).

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