Why is there such a big difference

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [USA]

I think thralls are great. Love leveling them up. Just seems things are off in comparison to your own character. My thrall at level 20 has 9417 health. I’m level 60 and have 440 health with my vitality up to the 3rd perk. How does this make sense? Im all for keeping the thralls how they are but maybe adjust our character stats to match our level to some degree. Just seems off to me.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Compare thrall health to your health.
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Their large health pools and damage modifiers are mostly compensation for their decidedly unintelligent AI.

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Still annoys me I can get 1 hit killed by the arena champion but can watch my thrall take a beating from hell by her.

This, You ever take a 390health darfari t1, with good armor somewhere? ya…something as silly as Turtle bashes them for most there health. XD

I’ve geared 3000-4000 health ones pre-lv60gear (heavy) to many of end bosses. And they can sorta solo, You really need to be damaging Boss on same terms. (again, not even lv60 armor there)

Anything past 5k… is just, WOW… Its OP for PVE, at same time… its easy to destroy such thrall in PVP.

So maybe better damage scaling from player to thralls. Instead of massive health pools.

I’ve been using t2 and t3 thralls, or Some of lowbie t4’s you find on map. (like huntress) who don’t get super OP for PVE.

If you’re in single player, and you don’t like the idea of thralls being the “champion”, it is simple to rectify with settings. Ramp up your damage output (4x would put you a little ahead of where top-end T4 fighter thralls are, they’re at 3.9) and significantly reduce incoming damage to compensate for your low HP. Of course, if you’re a purist at heart (and I sympathize there), then truly soloing some of the end-game content is either not feasible, or would take an annoyingly long time.

I play on an official server actually.

My deepest sympathies.

Lol no, but I did have a clan mate decide to level an undead as one of his personal thralls, until he deployed a greater skeleton and accidentally killed it with the impact from a healing arrow. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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