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Drop thralls down to about 2000 hp and double player damage output and life.Nothing is gonna change in the patch except longer farm times.Need to buff the players i can’t win against a boss in a half hour fight where I get 2 shotted.

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No. Player HP is fine. Thrall HP is fine. Thrall damage to bosses is fine. Thrall damage to players is the ONLY thing that needs to be reduced.


Players are fine. Thralls are too strong. If you want a boss to die faster, there’s methods to do so yourself. Use debuffs, stat boosting items, weapon variety. You have more tools at your disposal than you’d think, but everyone just relies on thralls because it’s the easy crutch.


I wouldn’t dare bring a 2000 hitpoint thrall to a boss fight. Remember, thralls don’t know how to dodge or heal themselves, and they use shields or dagger backflips seemingly randomly. Even with the best armors in the game, 2000 hitpoints won’t suffice against most bosses.

Im not concerned about my survivability. I know how to avoid getting hit most of the time.

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Unfortunately if you nerf thralls into the ground you also hurt the sandbox players. I take thralls with me around my private world to farm for things and fight bosses because I need a bit of a meat shield while fighting. Some things have disgusting aoe that the thrall needs to be the one being targeted by while I stand back or behind them and hack away with the weapon type of my choice.


I had… Forget her name. One that was by wolfs NE of lake (no longer there) or it was one from beach that spawns with Croc… She had 2500 or 3000.

She did well against most of Bosses. It took Ice Giant Boss, and 2 others to finally end her… She died mostly do to 2 other showing up in hallway, and me not taking them out fast enough.

I’m sure some of newer dungeon bosses would be end of her. She was fair looking, and held out most of game and had a good death with multi-boss beat downs under her belt. XD

I picture back to Valus with his 8k? or w/e it was… which was OP-OP… and now we have… crazy health pools.

I don’t pvp much outside private servers, can’t really speak on damage numbers… I know that is one of common complements about thralls.

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