Please Don't Nerf Thralls

There is literally no point outside of PVP to nerf thralls damage to that extent. I play only on PVP servers and I have yet to be killed by someones thrall. With how poor the mechanics of thralls is, if your dying to thralls in PVP it has nothing to do with them hitting to hard or having to much damage.

People have spent countless hours leveling and decking thralls out and I dont even use one during PVP hours because its much easier for me to use a horse and a spear and one shot someone myself then it is to get my thrall to somehow catch up with a true player and actually land a blow.

So with that said the damage reduction has no practical application to PVP which from these forums that appears to be the main driving point to it. All this reduction is going to do is increase boss fight times in dungeons, nothing becomes more difficult and my player stats are still way to low and ineffective for me to take on main bosses and be a key contributor.


Yep. It’s encouragement for players to jump in and help dish out some damage. I’ll never fathom why people think it’s fun to stand on the sidelines of a fight, or how anyone can take more than 10 minutes on a boss. It gives you, the player, motivation to jump into the fight and help lay down the pain. Apply bleed, poison, and sunder then dish out the pain train. It’s actually pretty easy once you get into it


I already do that, I dont like sitting and watching a Thrall do everything. But with all that my player based damage output with the best end game weapons is still inefficient. If they are going to reduce Thrall damage by 40% or what ever the percent is then they should increase player damage equally or by some amount to compensate.

The best solution to make everyone happy is just have different damage output for PVE versus PVP on Thralls. If the main reason is that Thralls can one shot or do to much damage to other players then just reduce the damage a Thrall does in PVP scenarios. I would totally be fine with that as I dont use Thralls for PVP because anyone who has played the game for more than a couple of hours can dodge Thrall attacks. Ive never heard anyone in the 221 hours I have in the game ever say they are pissed or its unfair that someone came after them with a powerful Thrall. Ive heard plenty of complaints about being able to one shot another player while on a horse and using something like a Dragon Bone spear.

EDIT ADDITION: I actually just went through the forums to see how many suggestions where based on nerfing Thrall damage and I was not able to locate any post prior to the announcement claiming Funcom has listened to our voices and is taking action with Thrall damage reduction. However, I did find multiple post concerning spears and pikes on horses being to overpowered. Just confusing that what is being asked for by the player base is ignored such as actually fixing the Thrall commands since they bug out and stop attacking 50% of the time versus a massive damage reduction to Thralls.


No offense, but did you search far enough back? The call for nerfs came when they first got super buffed initially. Then people quieted down about it because they got over it, much like many of the people now will get over it in time after.

And I’ll never fathom why it’s so difficult to trash the broken APIs and frameworks which handles the game logic and just dev it in house so that it works. Why is it that my thrall refuses to help me in a fight? They get their weapon out, look like they’re about to attack then put their weapons away… And that’s if they’re not stuck.

Also I’m not too keen on solo’ing the red mother… Has anyone from funcom actually tested that fight? Or are there no testers? You must already know the bug with red mother with you bring a thrall in so I won’t even bother explaining the bug. How has it not been fixed yet?

Why is it that when I drag a thrall out of the wine cellar, the body is not to be seen but the attached rope goes through the walls and floor? The second I climb or unequip the rope, the thrall I was dragging is gone for good.

These are HUGELY OBVIOUS bugs… The list goes on but I’m not a tester for funcom, unless I’m getting paid they’ll have to find the rest themselves (won’t be hard)


They have a testlive. This sort of thinking is why they’re not fast enough patching the bugs. If you actually contribute your findings and report all the bugs you encounter, they’ll be faster at fixing them. Just because a bug is common knowledge to you doesn’t mean it is to everyone. I urge you to check out their testlive and utilize the bug reporting section of the forum, instead of just being mad they’re not auto resolved

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Get off your horse and fight someone who has a strong thrall that has good gear, you will see why the nerf is well deserved. Not fun trying to go in for an attack combo to only be 1shot by a thrall after only landing the first or second hit of the combo.


This here video from Firespark on testlive shows bosses will be nerfed to just take a look at it

@LTC_Oliver_North check the video above I posted from Firespark

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