Nerfing thralls will be a major error

i will share with you something, few weeks ago i have been raided by three players, i had a huge base with 40+ thralls level 20 (u know 20k hp thrall) with best epic gear (giving +9bonus) and weapon deadly or giving bonus, crom, blade of aventure, crom hammer, ajax, red mother bow etc…

they all have been killed in something like one hour…

i spent may be 2 months to build this thrall defence…

thralls are really operationnal in pve, or in pvp when fight 1 vs 1 + thrall in open area. but for base defence they are not op at all. and that the problem, what defence system for a base when you are offline ? actually you can hope to have 1 hour gain time because of your thralls defense, but no more… so nerfing that is bad idea.

if u think this is exceptionnal, i can guarante that as solo player i can also kill easily thralls in base i raid, you just need to know game mecanics to do it and have some experience in raiding.


You know Azaroth, this is going to make for a major ehhh.…discussion among the community. I think that most PvE players who usually value their prized thralls will tend to agree with you. On the other hand, most PvPers who I am led to believe are being one/two-shotted by them are already calling for thrall nerfs.

Personally, at this point I feel that Funcom should introduce a seperate slider for ‘Thrall To Player Damage’, and balance PvP servers seperately to PvE ones.


While we’re at it, separate SP from PVP and PVE as that’s also a completely different playstyle.


I dont understand why nerfing thralls is the answer as opposed to buffing players. Do people really want boss fights to take longer?


Yeah, right now, boss fights are just damage sponges. Takes way, way too long. Buff the players to bring them “up” to thrall levels (not thralls down to player levels).


Well it goes like this. Thralls OP compared to player so nerf thrall, making boss fight take longer because total damage dealt is less. OR buff player health and damage and leave boss and thrall alone, making player better than before and making boss fight shorter. You dont need to touch the boss.


Buff players and all the thralls in the NPC camps become even easier to kill, now they need a buff to keep the challenge up.

Neverending circle


Is there a problem with a random starving exile getting one shot killed by a level 60 player wielding legendaries? I dont think so.


yup i know croms, but that important that everybody talk and give advice about that. my major concern is how it is unbalanced in pvp to defend a base, especially when you are offline. so to weaken more base defense is not really a good idea, that is my main point.

zerog my speciality is defensive base in pvp server, usually a raider need to use around 700 bombs to enter in my base, but once walls are destroyed only defense is thralls, i will be happy to have another system of defense in additiion of building system, but there is not and they talking of nerfing thralls.

by the way as solo player i farm 400 bombs day if want to do it, imagine a clan of 10 people.

and to be clear, actually on pvp server offi the main defense used to counter this unbalance is something that ruins game : field of vaut, ie 200 vaults.

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The biggest concern i see is with Boss fights taking too long if thralls get nerfed. But is it really a boss fight if it just falls in the normal farming run? I mean they are bosses right? It should be an event you prepare for and do on occasion, not a normal resource you get as easy as 10,000 Stone whenever you happen by one. That is my opinion. If players get buffed, then why even call them boss and mini bosses, but instead just call them high end loot boxes.


Well I would imagine that if hunting legendaries gets harder, that would discourage new players would it not? The old players would have plenty of legendaries in chests and wouldn’t have to hunt them at all.


No one is saying that bosses should take 30-40 minutes…but with the OP thralls it takes < 3 minutes. if thralls were nerfed to 25% of current damage, it would take maybe 12-15 minutes. with the top tier thralls Yo already get a decent harvest if you pick/harvest the corpse as well as the legendary key for world bosses. For Unamed City, II can get 4 FoP in that time frame, plus a possible 4 legendary weapon drops (have had it happen, so yeah possible). The only negative is the 100 stone I may have gotten.

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I mean … outside of thralls in the northern part of the map most i kill in 2 hits so i support player buff and if the lvl 10 mobs are one shotted by level 60 players? So? Seems to me if thats the worry you design a level system or perk system for lvl 60.

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As it is now, base defense is a COMPLETE joke! And nerfing hralls on a PvP server will make raids on smaller bases even easier. On a pvp server thralls can act as a buffer to and counter against other players attacks.

buffing players hardly has to be to the 10x level to one shot everything in the game. nerfing thralls by 10x would make them abjectly worthless. They would get killed half the time and no one would bother to level them. Might as well throw away all the follower work.

So now that we’ve gotten the straw men out of the way, instead of nerfing a thrall by 20%, buff the players by 25%. At least then the game doesn’t just get more tedious.


Because that’s what they are. Mind, I’m not saying that I like it or that it’s okay. But you’ve hit the nail on the head and, unfortunately, the nail is pointed at the foot of this discussion.

Most of the bosses are just loot boxes. They are slot machines and you keep farming them until you hit the jackpot. So if you “fix” the bosses so they feel like real bosses again, you’re making the slot machine game worse for everyone.

And there’s another reason to farm bosses: some of them drop stuff that players use on a regular basis, like legendary repair kits. Fixing the bosses would make that process quite odious, kinda like making it so that you have to hit a boulder 3 times before it drops one stone.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not arguing for the status quo. But the problems with the game balance are all linked together and systemic, and adjusting a single aspect will only cause problems somewhere else. And if you follow the chain of problems, you arrive at wildly unpopular conclusions, such as “legendary repair kits shouldn’t exist” or “legendary items should be craftable instead of acquired through loot-box gameplay”.

EDIT: Changed “legendaries” to “legendary items” so it’s clearer.


Legendary repair kits ARE craftable. You need a T4 Purge Armorer and Blacksmith.

These cannot be spawned or found in world. They only come when a purge pops at random.

Again tested on private server and it works.

Not legendary kits, but legendaries, as in legendary items. I’ll go edit that so it’s clearer.

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but getting a Purge craftsman is tough sledding and I’m sure on PVP that would not be something walking in I would ever count on. A nerf to thralls in PVP would have a larger impact on those trying to get started than on those that are established by virtue of their progression would be slowed without the stores of equipment built up while it was faster. If you “buff” instead of nerf, things are now easier for all, rather than harder for some.

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Right- but if you remove legendaries then DLC weapons become the new meta. That wont go over well with some.