Thrall damage needs to be nerfed

T4 thralls especially need to be nerfed there was a patch thatstopped you from taming the 1 hit wonder bandit leaders the sword of crom was nerfed, and then the anhilator and the 100% armor pen 2h maul were released yet again giving thralls the ability to kill you in 2 hits and it is actually 2 hits with the right thralls i think the best thing to do to prevent the massive and laggy thrall spam that is now going on in every server, and its worsened thanks to the duplicating that almost every current server alpha knows about especially the larger clans, the best thing to do would be to cut t4 thrall damage by atleast 60 percent maybe even 70 a t4 bearer will leve you with less than 40 health with one heavy and because of server lag and other performance issues fighting against 2 people with 2 t4 thralls in godbreaker armor to boot is practically impossible maybe im just not as good as i used to be but still the thrall spam right now coupled with damage and lag is definitely a huge issue small clans and solo players are definitely getting the worst of it, anyway please implement a thrall nerf health nerfs would be pointless also just a damage nerf i believe thralls should only buy time for players when they are being raided they shouldnt be the be end all of fighting like they are currently if you disagree you are simply wrong and i advise you try fight two average players whilst they have 2 t4 thralls following with godbreaker armor and and the 2h 100% armor pen mauls


I would agree if the AI wasn’t so dumb but as it stands a thrall without a player attached to him is pretty easy to defeat. So, making them even easier to defeat (with or without a player attached to them) would not be helpful. You would need to make some distinction between guarding and following and that could be exploited as well.


Yes thralls alone are nothing but they are never alone lol if you are up against even 2 thralls however in the right circumstance they are very hard to kill, 3 in a small space impossible to kill im talking about when you are on your own of course maybe you arent on your usual server but i go from one to the other weekly and 1 thing stays the same t4 thrall spam everywhere also on every server there is always that 1 clan that takes t4 thralls with them everywhere and they do make players infinitely harder to kill all they have to do is run around the thrall and whilst the ai isnt the best it gets the job done atleast when the enemy has the thrall mine just seem to run off into the distance all the time :slight_smile:

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nerfing the damage is not an option sorry. what they need to do, is figure out how to separate the pvp and pve damage.


This is a fantastic idea. Let’s nerf one more thing because PvP play wants it. That sounds like a grand solution.

Or, and stay with me here, what about learning the game mechanics and how to go about a fight without whining and complaining? I don’t play PvP anymore because of the whining and complaining from people who had no idea how the game worked.

Get into their “solid” base? You shouldn’t be able to climb over something.
Hit them with venom laced weapons? It works too fast.
My greater sabretooth killed your hyena? It’s too strong.
Kill them while naked carrying a stone sword? You dodged out of my attacks.

It’s not the weapon.
It’s not the thrall.
It’s you.
It’s how you play. You.


Hello @Oogelyboogely, thank you for sharing your concerns with us!

This is not really a bug issue so we’ll be moving the thread over to the Suggestion boards.

In any case, we’ve registered your feedback on this matter for the developers to consider.

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I don’t care if it’s pvp Pvc or pvpc let us not consider nerfing anything else!


well it’s usually easier to nerf one thing vs buff 1000 unfortunately. Like a haircut, you snip the ones sticking out.

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How was the Bandit Leader too easy to capture? He had a whole squad of thugs with him, they all fought back (not to mention they’d get everyone else in Sepermeru to help too), and he himself would fight hard and took about 20 whacks with Lovetap at Str 20. That seems like a good example of an appropriate challenge to me. If you were 1-tapping him, then it sounds like your server was malfunctioning.


I’m only voicing my opinion about this little possible gem here. This speaks to my ears, as it sounds like a challenge and a new way of thinking that could be fun to explore. I’ve played with this very thought myself; outside CE tho, but I have to say that it tickles my curiosity. :smiling_imp:

I couldn’t agree with you more. The BS nerfs because PvP players are trying to pass it off as “beneficial to everyone”, is complete crap.

It’s gotten so bad that now they are complaining that the best thralls, with the best gear, are too powerful.


no it do not need to be nerfed, it’s normal to be killed and have some difficulty when you raid a base. otherwise you can play in god mode on solo session…


Lol I never heard people say those excuses :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Although i believe thralls to be powerful when fighting the environment and take alot of the survival out of the gameplay there, they are needed because of the offline raid meta. If the damage cannot be separated, then leave as is.


Maybe the solution lies with land claim and follow. If thrall is standing guard on your land claim, then it is as is damage wise, if it is on follow it is lessened, as it should be a helper, not THE fighter. The HP should not change at all in either case though.

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I can have thralls unfollow while aggrod and they will continue to clean house, Exploit opening to allow follow/unfollow to determine the status, but good idea.

If people would only say what they really want, I think we could get some actual agreement here.

I can only guess, but I think what the OP wants is to be able to kill other player’s thralls and not get killed by them. Instead he is saying lets nerf thralls, when a large number of players depend on their thralls and would not want them nerfed.

If he had said, the player needs to be given better ways to attack and kill tamed thralls and maybe better ways to defend against tamed thralls, he may have gotten more support.

Stop with the nerf hammer!

Oh, and maybe if he had used paragraphs, I would have read everything he wrote :smile:


stand guard and unfollow are 2 different commands. And claim radius would be the main trigger. On you base, then buffed, out in the wild, just a helper.

Is it really nerfing if they were buffed a few times already. Would it not be returning them to OG stats???

It actually would be considering the npc’s were buffed a lot at the same time.