Thrall nerf effectively ruins end game solo player progression

The new thrall nerf made my 17 zerker in full heavy with sword of crom, almost die to low level thralls in Sepermaru. This nerf shuts me out of any further progress. As a solo player, this makes me effectively finished. Please fix this as it ruins my and other solo players experience and will make me leave the game, as there is nothing left for me to do as it currently stands.


Is this a new post-update thrall or an old one? My thralls still whup major ■■■ (and I’ve gotten my head kicked in as well by thralls and NPCs both). Are you sure it’s not the new AI that almost killed him since they /npcs swarm us now?

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The only change in last update that can really affect thralls is fall damage. They can easily die now from fall.

its really inconsistant. a regular rhino took 9% hp from my thrall in 1 hit, yet she killed some bosses later on with hardly being scratched. My thrall is more as risk from low level fodder mobs at the moment. no idea what is going on but its weird

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If the Sepermaru area has been buffed I am all for that. My castle is there. Patch notes on it would have been appreciated. I hope that is it and purges get buffed to match it. I haven’t had a decent purge in that area yet and I like the desert biome so don’t plan to move. If not, there is a lot of inconsistency on thrall damage absorption at the moment. Bosses shouldn’t be out dpsed by mid-level fauna. It is not just me seeing it also. others in my server have been calling it out on global.

maybe, but ive never seen a regular rhino do so much dmg to my thrall before. a few other veterans were saying they noticed an increase in the damage sustained to their thrall as well.

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Is it damage to thralls or decrease in the healing effectiveness of food like gruel. I seem to remember Wak or Firespark saying something about that on testlive before the patch. That the healing got nerfed.

In any case, my thralls still seem plenty OP. The devs said the next major update will have a balancing pass for them. This one as far as I know did not change their damage or health.

I can confirm my Dalinsia is NOT taking extra damage. She just solo’d a Landslide like literally 20 minutes ago. She can also solo the Harbinger of Souls from Age of Calamitous, a boss that hits for 1200+ dmg.

With that said, I’ve seen a few posts about Rhinos lately. I think they may have seen their dmg increased. Possibly bears too (if they got around to doing what they wanted to in the livestream). This is something we’re going to see more of. Many creatures are simply far too easy to fight and will likely see dmg increased or AI changed.


What nerf? i havent even noticed- ha!

IF anything thrall got a buff last patch thanks to the player command system, now yo can ask your thrall to fight, to stop, to flee, etc
What is true is that is kind of messy at the moment, double tapping E will cause thralls to attack or stop and may get “confused” if you spam it.

Thralls still do masive amounts of damage and enemy bosses still have too much HP to be a tedious task to do without a thrall.

Nerfing thralls is necesary for the actual player progression, the game shouldn’t be about powerful thralls but about powerful characters. Unless all you want is to play as a builder, in which case playing solo with admin rights would be, maybe, more suitable, or perhaps you need to put a little more effort to keep your thrall alive.
At the same time, enemies are currently made to be fought with a thrall or with a group which is really problematic for those playing solo, like you and me.

Modifying the damage and received damage values in solo play, i found that you can make them (bosses) soloable and fun but leave the rest of the enemies a one or twoshot kill with no effort, which isn’t fun either.


I still think that, if anything should be affected its the players damage durability. Buff the player’s damage durability rating/hp then PvPers aren’t being one-shot by thralls and SPers can survive hits by bosses while fighting them. Win win. And since only the HP is being buffed, the game doesn’t become horribly imbalanced because the damage output is staying the same.

Now that I think about it, buff player HP only and only nerfing thrall damage output down would be a happy medium for everyone. Thralls still tank due to unchanged HP but won’t do the lion’s share of the work.

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Also also, IF funcom does buff hp and nerf damage output for thralls, I was advocating for the hp to be buffed in the later stages of leveling up, not from level 1.

I have had the same problem and lost 2 thralls and almost 2 more doesnt happen all the time and as you said it is usually against low level adversaries think my lvl 20 cimmerian berserker died after 3 darfari arrow shots and the 2 I almost lost was small spider bites, plus a 17k bearer in full flawless heavy stood in lava for a couple of seconds just very lazy testing out of real world conditions, guess we have to do the job of the developers

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I’m glad they are going to nerf thralls eventually, the game needs more balance. Its called conan exiles not pokemon exiles.


Thrall/pet damage/survivability seems to be all over the place at the moment. Not sure what’s going on but it would be great if Funcom would at least annouce any changes in this reagard via the changelog. As it stands now you can’t trust anything learned without risking death or losing your priced follower to supposedly mundane enemies.

Not to mention that the supposed “ai fixes” either don’t work or can’t be observed.

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my thrall smoked arena boss then almost dies to 4 sepermaru low tier thralls and a rhino. its all over the place. I can work with what ever, but we need consistency

amen to that

I’m not sure what to tell ya, my Dalinsia two shots everything that’s vanilla, with a simple legendary warhammer, I haven’t managed to get a Sword of Crom yet. She also wades through the AoC thrall camps where each entity has 4000-5000hp, Sepermeru NPCs have less than 800hp.

While I am running modded, none of the mods affect the vanilla thralls, ironically, the vanilla thralls are stronger because the mdm’s on vanilla (for volcano, mounds, and relic hunter) thralls are 3.9-4.5 versus the modded thralls’ 2.5

What that means is vanilla thralls are doing 150-300 more dmg PER hit. And they do that dmg without mods.

I think the new aggro system is countering 2H swords in general (esp the power strike). The 2H is not very good for AOE damage. So a Sword of Crom is really good 1v1 (thralls wise of course). but once you introduce a group, the staggers alone will keep it from hitting all of them. thus now if you are going to farm capitols, I would suggest weapons that have more AOE type attacks than ones the are more solo focused.

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Please check to see that your thralls are reporting their Vitality correctly. There is a condition that causes vitality bonuses to not show up after loading the game, or restarting the server. If so, please craft a piece of Vitality armor and put it on your thrall. It should reset the correct VIT and your thrall will slowly start to regen health.