Overpowered Thralls & Pets

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Hello everyone.
I’m administrating a Conan Exiles server and I’m a bit tired about what I can see on my server about thralls/pets.

I see named (T4) thralls totally OVERPOWERED. People doesn’t have to fight anymore on area like Unamed City. They just look the thralls kill solo every boss without taking any damages, no risk for player, no risk for thrall, total reward with legendary items that they loot on boss corpses. What the hell is happeing to this game ? Same problems with pets (but less overpowered)

Should not Thralls / Pets be a damage support for players and not something who will totally carry them while the player is just looking ?

At least, FunCom please make a slider to modify the damages dealt and taken for minions (a new one I mean, not attach it to player damages slider or pve damages slider, make a new one, really), I will have absolutely no other choice to disable the whole system on my server if I want to balance the PvE (and I’m not even talking about PvP where I can see a T4 thrall kill with only one sword hit a level 60 player…) content on my server, and I can see all my players complain about it (and they will be right, the thrall/pet feature in this game is pretty interesting)




The real question here is if our armor protection actually works. I have the habit when i fresh start a game and my vitality is really low, to visit the unnamed city for fragments of power. Sometimes i take a hit from red mama or the green and still i stay alive. Later on my 60s wearing 1200 armor i am 3 hits for the same opponents and my vitality is way bigger. I believe that if my armor really worked against my opponents i would use less thralls, because i would knew that i can take this fight solo. Even if the simple swing of a thrall wouldn’t kill me and i had i fighting chance against it then i would fight it. But still I don’t think that the problem is the power of the thralls, but the weakness - fragility of our player because the armor actually doesn’t work the way it should.

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??? I never cleared an UC boss alone. Since ~1 year.

My fastest killtime for Red mother was <1min!! And with the OLD thralls, but the broken Act of Violence.

Current lvl20 thralls are weaker than older thralls with Act of Violence. That weapon just melted through
bosses and it was also nice as a player to fight bosses alone!!
And maybe the T4 bearer were even stronger than lvl20 thralls today. My clan had only 1 and this guy just killed everything… But it was later “balanced”, so that T4 bearers dont have that much dmg output.

This was the ONLY weapon in the whole game, where when you fight bosses 1:1 it still made fun. You still killed them in a reasonable amount of time. This is what a “boss slaying PvE weapon” should look like. Then nerf thralls down into oblivion.

But it looks like it did even more dmg in PvP and therefore the “critical hit chance weapon” were removed from the game. Well the attribute itself was removed, the weapons are still ingame (Doom, Shark bite and Act of Violence).

Yeah, more sliders are always a great change to the game! Same goes for XP for thralls. Currently it is the XP for player setting.


Up the health of the npcs in server settings and up the damage taken by minions

These sliders still exists in thie server .ini file but are not used by the game since 2017.

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I used them just the other day.

Oh yes, sorry. I misreaded you.

These (NPC) are working, but it doesn’t solve the problem. If a Thrall can fight easyly alone a boss, sliding down the slider will affect the thrall and the boss both. So reducing the damages dealt or received will change absolutely nothing in PvE.

Thats why you up the damage taken by the minion. Minions are only the thralls and pets.

The problem is T4 can easyly kill alone almost everything in this game (except one or two bosses)
That’s my real problem, I don’t want to make T4 useless, I don’t want they’re unkillable too. I just want to balance them, for forcing player to fight, and not just looking the T4 totally destroy everything in front of.

Wait. Maybe is that a translate error in my game but I don’t know this slider. Which one do you talk about ?

Well those levers can help. If either Funcom or gportal (not sure where the hook is broken) would enable the minion damage dealt slider, it would be easily tweaked on the server. Manipulating the health and damage taken though at the right levels should be able to accomplish the same thing, albeit more complicated.

This is what it looks like on gportal. The damage taken one works, the other didnt appear to do anything when I tested it last week. Damage taken allowed me to two shot kill a 5000 health thrall with whatever I set it to at the time.


These two modifiers are not used in the game since 2017 like I said, and the sliders doesn’t exists anymore.

The new sliders, and .ini lines that you can modify that affect NPC/Thralls are :


And the problem is still the same.

MinionDamageMultiplier doesn’t work anymore, and if I modify NPCDamageMultiplier, it will affect PvE content AND thralls/pets. My goal is to modify ONLY thralls/pets, not PvE content.

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I reiterate that I used the damage taken modifier last week. I know it works. (Test done on ps4)

Hm… Weird.

Just tested right now :

Working parameters (in the ServerSettings.ini) :


Not working parameters (doesn’t change anything, even if I restart the local server)


So the problem is still the same.
I’ve tried the “NPCDamageTakenMultiplier=10.0” and OK, the T4 thrall take many damages, but the every other PvE monsters will take damages x10 too (I’ve tried with a giant spider, I killed it in less than 10 hits)

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Well maybe for weird reasons its working on ps4 only but minion damage taken works for me.

I agree, world npc need to be 10x tougher.

But the setting is broken. The minion button does nothing. It is only the NPC one that affects all thralls and followers as one. Unless that changed with the last patch. I will try to test today.