Combat with pets + increased HP of thralls

Im curious as to what people are thinking of the potential pvp with some of these new greater pets that have over the 20k hp pool. Personally I think this is a terrible idea for a couple reasons:

  1. Combat isn’t meant (in my mind) to last for 45 minutes when fighting 1 or 2 enemies. With the addition of high HP pets and some thralls now touching the 6500-7K hp…to me it just seems like they are too tanky, able to sit there and get wailed on for a long time.

  2. What will the lag on servers be like if your having a massive 5v5 or 6v6 pvp fight…now add 10-12 pets with the addition of fighting on or near bases (since spamming 10k foundations is the new meta, please enjoy)? Lag is bad enough when 4 people fight, I cant imagine what this will be like.

I feel that pets were added to appease the PVE/Solo player games…which is fine, I do like the idea. But, I think trying to implement this into PVP servers is a mistake.

To be honest, thralls are still better even if the pet has double the health. Being able to equip them, makes them take less damage and also deal more overall.

For PvP, you’re absolutely right. It’s going to have some impact. At the same time, they’re really dumb too. Until they fix that, no one will probably bring along thralls for fights.

I just fought a fight the other evening. It was about 3 of us against 3 people plus 2 pets. The fight was over in a matter of minutes (maybe 2 at most) with our side victorious. It would have gone quicker I think if it wasn’t pitch black dark.

The pets were largely ignored, and taken down after their owners were down. Pets/Thralls have a long way to go before they can meaningfully affect PVP.

Also the highest HP pet, the Demon Spider has 20k hp (all other greaters have 8k). If you use some decent armor, the effective HP on a Votarie Fighter III is over 25k due to the damage reduction.

It seems like pets are in a bad spot. But they do well at defending bases. They have large collision boxes and provide excellent distractions. Of course this means little in an offline raiding scenario. I think once better control mechanics come down the pipeline, things will get better.

Their dumb nature counters their high HP pools. If that’s fixed, then they should be in line with where they are. For me, they’re not useless. They are rather easy to get compared to some thralls and work great as cannon fodder in that regard.

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