Thalls being so much more powerful than players makes Conan boring

Killing a world boss by yourself is fun the first time. The second time it’s a little tedious. The third time it’s annoying. The fourth time it’s fun again, because you brought a thrall and finished in less than 10 minutes.


My favorite game these days is “Dress in what you find”. I leave naked, with a weapon, truncheon (Never know when you will run across somebody that needs capturing), chain, food, and water. When an NPC drops clothing, I put it on. I upgrade when I can, and drop what I was wearing. Taking out a boss croc with nothing but coarse shoes on is quite the challenge, not to mention time consuming.

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That’s because this is not a solo player game! You shouldn’t be able to beat him solo. It’s a team game. Hence the clan system. Learn to play as a team. People keep playing solo and then complain they can’t beat X. Well, that’s because you’re not supposed to be able to.

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From their own page.
Conan Exiles can be played in full single-player, co-op, or persistent online multiplayer.

With a thrall, you can beat that dungeon very easily. Nothing has a really high HP pool, compared to some bosses in Sunken City or Warmaker.
So you can either let your thrall kill every boss in midnight groove or use him as a tank and you also stab things.

If a new dungeon comes, I always make the first run through with a clan mate. Afterwards everyone farms the stuff what he/she likes more.

Last weekend I gathered 200 pearls for the sword and shield. Its tedious, but when you have sth else to-do (house chores, etc), then even “waiting” for things to respawn aint that bad…

It all depends how and why you play the game and which mode.


To the OP’s point - If it makes it boring, don’t use it, case closed. If you and two friends cant defeat the Red Mother, than you have spec issues, strategy issues, or both. Even before “following” thralls I was soloing her.


Holy carp, that must’ve taken forever. I remember taking on Rotbranch at The Circle of Swords with one human pal and that fight went on for about a week.

Back in the day, when Set arrows were dirt cheap to make and did good damage, you could pretty much “cheese” anything. Now, with a good bow/melee spec and the right weapons and armor, I can solo her, but I let my thrall do the tanking. Saves on armor repair and consumable healing items I have to keep making. The fact that she isn’t that hard, being the Mother of all dragons is kind of disappointing really.

Midnight grove has never killed me solo and I never took a thrall there. At the time it came out I was still under the idea that I couldn’t take a thrall into a dungeon. I eventually figured it out and take thralls with me after a first run solo in new dungeons. I finally met my match in the arena champ. I can’t beat her solo. She 3 hits me in stun lock and it’s over. My thrall, on the other hand, with the Warmakers dandy 100% penetration war hammer, can take her out in moments while I pop him with a healing arrow or two(more if they move). Thralls make the new dungeon fun AF. I lost one of my Captains on my first thrall run because I failed to arrow heal at arena champ. I had to run out and she followed me all the way back to the exit! Savage!

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I accept this is a multiplayer game. PvP has its requirements.
There should be different settings for SP.
As single player i want to level up and get decent hp and damage so i am not inferior to my thralls.
I knock them out with little effort. I am the boss, i should have 10000 hp !

if that’s what you want, just go into settings, reduce your incoming damage (which increases your effective health) and boost your damage output. Mission accomplished.

As to the original post, you can solo any of the bosses. It’s just a matter of how much tedium you’re down for. Swing, dodge, dodge, swing, run around while you eat/drink, swing, dodge… wash, rinse, repeat. Doing it once to see if you can, that can be fun. On your 8th loop through UC? Not so much.


Solo/coop have access to the setting pannel, and therefor can tweak and adapt their experience.
If the game was fully qualibrate for solo even on online server, there would be no point of interest at all, so yeh, people shouldn’t be able to solo evereything exept for veteran or tweaked solo session.

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yes with a stone sword, and still im’ sure it’s possible to kill the boss naked with a stone sword, but will take you a day and lot of stone to repair sword :wink:

dagger man ! it’s something like 10 min for a loccust queen with a couple of stone dagger


I also think its really awkward that Thralls have so much more HPs than players. I hope this gets reverted back and they get a better AI instead to defend themselves.

More HP to make things stronger is kinda outdated gamedesign.

So you mean every boss creature in the game?

The 1skulls creatures. Or compare the HP between exiles NPCs and some in the north… AI aint better. Just more health…

I find the base game boss fights are boring in general and can take around 10 minutes to finally take down a big bad. I change my server settings to deal 2.5 damage and all NPC’s deal x3 damage for a more intense fighting pace.

It’s the easiest boss of the dungeon if you fight with sword and shield because after locking target on him you’ll be able to block all his attacks.

It’s one of the very few boss fights where if I have a thrall with me I use it as dps not as tank, just to save my time.

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