So this is what Conan has come too?

Just runnin around with thralls… what need is there to even play the game. May as well take the weapons and armor off and become a builder. The devs should of dropped the thrall nerf before the thrall commands. Game is boring now.


If it is boring for you to use thralls you have an option to not use them.
How can I deal with bosses when I am overloaded? Or should I get to the base each time picked some heavy stuff and then return back?
Or reset my stats 5 times per session for farm or adventures? Then why will I need thrall then?


Boring you say? Oh is that why i got jumped by a wolf pack- 4 wolves and a one skull and almost died?

Snowhunter saved my ■■■!

Just saying…


I play solo… like dark souls solo.

Its rare I take Greater wolf with me (Sasha!)

Inless its world bosses that are sponges… I’ll take a hoard of T1-t2 archer and fighters to a spot, drop them off to fight said world boss… and lolz and the fun. XD

Once thralls(average) broke 3-4k health pools… they became so over powered. I just stopped using them. Good gear and 2500 one could solo alot of story bosses. Little need for them to get the buffed. =/

I actually havnt leveled to many, at a certain point, there basiclly mini world bosses… and its really boring.


Wrong. I do know how to fight without them since i actually played with other people and downed these bosses without thralls.

But when people play the game then leave and your group you were running with is gone, the thralls fill in nicely.

Other survival games have the exact same mechanics.

Stop holding this game to an arguement that is clearly working across the survival genre.

People like pets and thalls and like to see them become powerful.


PvP is the answer you seek.

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The Thrall nerf has implications that need to be worked out. For example, 40k bosses that are balanced around thralls that can hit for around 600 damage a swing. Eventually thralls will be unable to do that, but those bosses need to be brought in line.

Go fight a pack of wolves using level 40 gear. That’s about the difficulty they are using as a baseline if the last livestream is any indication. That should give a general clue on where this is going. And if the higher level stuff just gets harder after that, we’re in for a treat.

balancing of thralls is coming. wait and see

Arent thralls in PvP ridiculous as well?

Only if you suck at PvP…

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I still think that, if anything should be affected its the players damage durability. Buff the player’s damage durability rating/hp then PvPers aren’t being one-shot by thralls and SPers can survive hits by bosses while fighting them. Win win. And since only the HP is being buffed, the game doesn’t become horribly imbalanced because the damage output is staying the same.

Now that I think about it, buff player HP only and only nerfing thrall damage output down would be a happy medium for everyone. Thralls still tank due to unchanged HP but won’t do the lion’s share of the work.

IF funcom does buff hp and nerf damage output for thralls, I was advocating for the hp to be buffed in the later stages (say 50 to 60) of leveling up, not from level 1.

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Whatever they decide to do, I wont be purchasing another DLC until this game is about the player again and not the Thralls. For me its very boring taming a thrall and having it do Everything in the game for me.

I mean, the thralls only do everything for you if you let them.

The bigger thrall aggro makes it harder - again.

Was making my normal run at black galleon and when the whole fliping ship is following you and trying to kill you, even the pirates are hurting.

I read it somewhere else. It seems like that there was some kinda limit of 3 enemies following you… and now this max 3 is gone.

The problem with thrall-leveling: thralls were already strong enough before thrall-leveling.
And Funcom put the “carrot on the stick” and said: “They get way stronger”. Otherwise why should people be happy about this update?
Or see any point in leveling, If a lvl20 cim has the same dmg output like a legacy lvl0 cim.

Leveling came way to late in the game…

But the re-belancing will come… and then most old legacy thralls will be gone, so we cannot compare anymore and a lvl20 thrall will have the same dmg output like at July/August 2019…

Just gonna say, that’s an awesome name for a great wolf :smiley:

Doesn’t matter if you suck or not, any lvl 20 Dalinsia well geared can oneshoot anyone…

I would call that a logic response from a ship full of pirates…

Well, that’s one of the mechanics of the game, having thralls and gods made me try the game in the first place.
Just think about it, why would a thrall would keep following your orders when he can just oneshoot you and keep all your stuff. Actually I would love to have a “rebellion” once in a while, while you have to get a strong thrall in the wheel again without losing level and stuff but to show who’s the boss. I’m sure you’ll be all crying for a thrall nerf in that case.
Imho a survival game has to be hard, the game is not hard when you have a Liam lvl 20 that is better than every boss on the game. Having the thralls to help you? sure, awesome. Having the thralls to do everything while you watch and you look like the slave? no thanks.

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Fulgrim and Rexor were way stronger than Thulsa Doom in the movie… Conan got him without even a fight. The master doesnt need to be stronger to be in control. He just needs a thrall command wheel.


Ya I got flawless heavy armor legendary sword and a 1 skull undead wolf will kill me so fast, even my thrall will lose half their Hp in this fight. Dont understand the game is too easy comments…but im not a professional gamer. I would love to see the cap raised to 80 and then nerf thralls.

No one said you have to max one tho’. My thrall gets levelled too high I retire 'em to guard duty. Between that and going solo, the game is rarely easy for me except in places it’s intended to be.

Buff player hit points, slightly nerf thrall damage output. Problem solved.

No to player buff, nerf the damage sure , but it wont matter much since a percentage of damage comes from the thrall main combat stat and the weapons.