South America Servers Are Down (PC)

Game mode: Official Online
Problem: Misc
Region: South America

Since 19:00 BRT the servers are unplayable. They stay online for a few minutes, with ping around 1000 then go down. They get online again and repeat the process.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


same here in #1996

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same on #1976, someone forgot to add coal to g-portal servers :frowning:

All South American Servers are down!!! Funcom do something about that, fix it please.

Same here #1985 SA

We need answers!

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FC, it would help A LOT if you could fix this infinite loading screen thing that is affecting #1999, server’s online but with that annoying bug.

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PS4 gained 3 New servers in south america, but 3 PVE :unamused:, the old ones are still bugged

We buy the game… and not a cheap price, then we win this ! Nice. Where is the answers about SA servers???

I think it has no moderator able to read the forum, second day the same problem with the official servers, and no solution much less any response
The game is not cheap, even if it was that neglect is absurd

server oficial 1975 pve caido …off :sob:

#1999 stuck on loading screen, YET.
C’mon, what the hell is happening with this game? It’s not early alpha anymore, it’s 1.0+ WTH is wrong with this service?

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Please solve the server 1996, the games paid dearly for this game and the official server is OFFLINE!
This is a clownish act against the players.

We want our rights, we ask that it be repaired!
Do something with the 1996 server, it’s offiline and crashing.

PVP #1985 offf + lag