Eternal Loading South America Servers

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Misc]
Region: [South America]

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Im 5hours trying to conect in loading screen on server 3985, 3995 have the same issue and if we try do play in any other server ping is 250+.
All my friends and all brazilians communities are furious in Facebook groups and forums, thousands of people from South America bougth this game and we just have 2 servers on PS4 and the 2 server are unplayable.

A think a lot of people will start requesting refunds very soon

We need more servers in South America!
We need the problem of this eternal loading solved.
We need support and respect as costumers.

Hope u guys understand

The problem happen all along the day but it takes beetween 40min and 1h30h in loading screen to connect.
But in rush hour, 17h-24h Brazil Time its just impossible tô connect and the servers are empty

My community is also having this problem,

Are you guys going to solve the problem or the mass refund movement should be started?

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Yeah… we re nearly 1month since launch and we cant play when we get home from a hard day of work at our jobs.

If the hardware inst arrived yet because of delivery problems at least the developers should have rented new PvP servers in South América just as they did with PvE servers that are working just fine with the new hardware…

It isnt our fault that you guys didnt tested the South América servers before launch, that was FunCom responsability, and we are paying with stress and dissapointment the entire month.

Dont economize servers, rent more official South America servers to us because we payed for your game just has anyone else…

We need more respect. Thanks