Loading time problem...again (3985)

Game mode: Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: LATAM

After today s patch the problem with the eternal loading has return making it impossible to play in LATAM servers.

I think i’have played two days only since the launch because of this problem. Its sad that the game itself turn us so off cause of technic issues like that.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Choose any LATAM server;
  2. Try and fail to login;
  3. ???
  4. Burn this game in the eternal fire of hell.

Eternal loading are ruining the game for LATAM players, we lost a lot time just trying to connect, its realy frustrating

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Realmente isso está ficando chato, pagamos um valor relativamente alto para que possamos nos divertir mas não é isso que está acontecendo.
Apenas 2 server LATAM é sacanagem, parece até que a empresa não tem noção do número de jogadores que efetuaram a compra no nosso lado do mudo.


After this patch all Goes to hell… Yesterday was hard to Join but i mande It twice… Now I Just cant again… I Will ask for refund soon If It not work

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Hi there,

We are currently working on a fix to permanently resolve this problem. Please keep a lookout for more information here on the forums.


Will you also look into the playstation network / internet crashing problem. thx

same here, about 2 days playing normal and today after this fuc*** fix all is gone.

Estou na décima tentativa de logar no server latam e eterna tela de login, Crom me ajuda!

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Same problem here. Im 5hours trying to conect in loading screen on server 3985, 3995 have the same issue and if we try do play in any other server ping is 250+.
All my friends and all brazilians communities are furious in Facebook groups and forums, thousands of people from South America bougth this game and we just have 2 servers on PS4 and the 2 servers are unplayable.

A think a lot of people will start requesting refunds very soon

We need more servers in South America!
We need the problem of this eternal loading solved.
We need support and respect as costumers.

Hope u guys understand


If this continues I will ask for my money back!

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10 days and you guys stil with this generics answer , we need to know when our server will be playable, here in LATAM we pay a very expansive price for this game, only have 2 pvp servers and they are not working, we desserve a F* honest answer.

Precisamos de mais servidores aqui na America do Sul

Yeah But Both pvp latam server never get Full, so i dont think they Will deliver New servers so soon.