Please, fix south american servers And create more servers too

Game mode: Online
Problem: log in
Region: South America

O Just cant login in any South American servers… There is an eternal loading screen… This is why the servers are not Full.
And please, create more servers… 3 servers 40 spots is a joke.

Eternal loading screen…
Nice offer FUNCOM!!!
I buy this game… i cant play it!!!


***I WANT TO PLAY!!! ***

Still cant login… You try 30 times to log in once… And i am afraid too that as soon as the server Works, It Will bem Full… Cuz we need a Lot more servers on south america

Still the same problem… Eternal loading… And cant join the South American…

Nothing yet… Would be nice some news

24h and still the same problem…

62hs… and still the f* same problem…

Looks like people in the US are starting to have the same problem, so maybe now they will start to look into it and try to fix it…