South America servers down

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [South America]

Hello, both PvE servers in S.A. are down.
Servers #1975 and #1976 sometimes appear on the servers list, but when you try to connect, you just get some “failed to connect” message, if you look at them using steam server manager, you’ll see their ping can even get to 1000ms. S.A. already have very few slots and no way to connect to them.

I’m sad to say this, but the game has come down the ladder since EA, when I and other players had no problem joining the desired servers.

Can we get any decent server infra-structure please?

By the watchful eye of Crom, can any CM give us an answer ?

@AndyB you’re kindly requested.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Look for servers
  2. Find nothing
  3. Complain in forum
  4. Wait for an answer

Same situation with # 1986

Hey,server 1996 is down since 15h(BRT) from yesterday,what is happening? The new datacenter did not worked properly? please give us some info. Summoning @AndyB

See the graphs from the Server #1996


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It is also happening with server # 1986 since before yesterday. A lot of latency (with peaks of 1500) and constant drops. Nobody is present to give some information and it is uncomfortable to be starting on another server every time something like this happens. I used to play in # 1999 and then it became impossible.

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Yep, 1976, 86, and 96 are looking sad right now. :frowning: We will look into it.

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How about #1975? It was down too. Any ideas?

1975 looks like it has a couple players on it according to our stats, but I’ll bring it up.

Thanks @AndyB. Looking forward on your answer!

Same problem, PVP #1985 offline or high lag…

Its a hardware problem with the new datacenter? do you guys have any ETA? Thanks for answering. :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay, SA servers should all be rebooted now. Sorry about that. We’ll have to look further into what’s going on.

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#1996 its working for now,thank you @AndyB

Thanks @AndyB, will check as soon I get home (and there are no queue… ;)).
Besides that, any word on the 70 slots servers?

Please fix #1998, server dowm and looping infinite