Problem server SA! funcom remember consumers SA

Funcom sometimes I think you just launched on the server a SA server for whom you bought the game do not complain. I play since the Alpha January 2017 over 1200 hours, I swear I try to play again, I came back now with the event that I found well interesting. but beyond all the bugs and lack of content endgame, it seems that you do not care so much about the SA servers. the PVE-Conflict server has hours that the ping is between 300 to 600, and the fps of the server drops to 3 4.

I know it has a lot of things to solve, but how to play with a server that would be dedicated to South America and ping is worse than an NA server? and still I can not play on NA servers by blocking ping that I find absurd, America should have unified servers.

I buy all dlcs as well as many, but I have no return and I can not play. I see you talking, talking, patches, bugfixes, but it looks like they’re walking in circles or winding us …

I would have been more understanding if the game was still in EA, I can have more fun playing Age of Conan that is almost forgotten by you!

Note:I tried to add an image of my ping, but it is not allowed for new users, incredible!!!

Can anyone from the funcom answer?

simply ignored by the funcom, SA players do not matter!

Please report server issues to the proper place:

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