Please add more South America PVP / PVE servers


Now we only have one South America PVP server and its 40/40 since the start.

South America official servers
Maybe Funcom don't care about South America players?! Im shure of this
1 pvp sv for south america
Servers sud america no estan
South America: Spanish/Portuguese PVP/PVE servers
South America Servers needed!
South America needs more servers urgently (pc) latinoamerica se manifiesta!

Worst launch day ever, total neglect with South America players, 422.5 million people on South America and only one server PVP with 40 players. Impossible to play.

Im really angry

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idk what to think about this…


I was trying to join the pvp south america server and it was 40/40 since it came online. Its 40/40 untill now. Impossible to play pvp on official servers since we have ip block. Please add more South America pvp servers.


Yes, we want more pvp south american servers.


We had more than one pvp server for all the ea phase, and just one now it was expected to be full at the start, the problem is, how long will they take to open the PvP#2?

damn… I wll loose my building spot!


we need and answer Funcom cmon


Sem duvidas, é muito frustrante o limite baixo de slots por servidor e a pouca quantidade de servidores pvp bem configurados. Se já esta dificil eu conseguir uma vaga para jogar, como posso trazer meus amigos para o jogo?

Without a doubt, the low limit of slots per server and the small amount of well-configured pvp servers is very frustrating. If it is already difficult to get a place to play, how can I bring my friends to the game?


Please open a new PVP server for the South merica, I can not play.


Hello, when the south america official servers will be add in to the game?



Palhaçada, comprei esse jogo no segundo dia do EA e sempre teve 2 server ou mais para cada categoria de jogo. Quando me lançam o jogo fazem a cagada de botar 3 server para toda a SA. :clap:
A joke, I bought this game on the second day of the EA and there were always 2 servers for each of the game categories. When you release the official game, at a higher cost, you manage to open 3 servers for all the SA. :clap:


Please include more south america server.


es muy triste, en realidad hay 2 servidores pvp en sudamerica, pero como dicen uno estuvo full desde el inicio y el segundo se lleno a los pocos minutos, antes del lanzamiento teniamos 4 o 5 servidores no recuerdo bien y ahora solo abren 2 parece una broma de mal gusto…


Hey all, we can look into working with GPORTAL for the possibility to bring up more South America servers. It won’t be immediate, but we hear ya. More info when it’s available :slight_smile:


Need more South America Server JxJ … Really Have just one ?


We are with ONLY ONE PVP server for a HUGE BRAZIL/LATAM Community.

And right now all the SA servers are offline as well.



Não acredito que no dia do lançamento, não é possível jogar o jogo, por falta de servidores pvp. Grande parte da comunidade sulamericana estava esperando esta data. Quem comprar o jogo agora não vai conseguir jogar, pois falta espaço nos servidores pvp. No BETA existiam mais servidores pvp, do que no lançamento e isso não faz sentido.

Por favor, FUNCOM, mais servidores PVP e bem configurados, conforme os parametros de cada tipo de modalidade do game.


I do not believe that on launch day, it is not possible to play the game, due to lack of pvp servers. A large part of the South American community was waiting for this date. Whoever buys the game now will not be able to play because there is no space in the pvp servers. In BETA there were more pvp servers than at launch and this does not make sense.

Please, FUNCOM, more PVP servers and well configured, according to the parameters of each type of game mode.


There’re 55 American servers… can’t you spare some of them for the SA? Even with the high ping it’s better than waiting for a place in a 40 player server!


Thank you , AndyB for help us abouth this situation :corar: