Please add more South America PVP

I can’t play because all servers (Only 2) are completily full! We bought for this game, and this it very wrong, because gere in South we cant play! Look for us, dont be a bad company, just help ! Look for LATAM server!

I just can’t understand what’s the problem here… SA got 7 PvP servers, and at the moment (Saturday 18hrs) those are not even full. Go and look the PvE of SA… two servers, one always full and the other it’s not working for 3 days now!!

The problem is that only 2 servers work correctly 1985 and 1995

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Only 2 PVP servers working atm. We cant join the others cause we get the eternal loading problem.

how the server will be full if we cannot join in ??? Eternal loading screen of death…

Most of them arent working, and its a matter of time until those 2 stop working as well. There seems to be a game error because the same thing is happening on private servers as well.

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You know, if they published any estimate of a solution, or did they explain what the problem is?


at this moment they have no idea what the problem is, and no idea of when it will be solved…

it’s a shame, we can’t do nothing but hope that one day this will be fixed, i gave up arguing to find out what the problem is, i will beat PoE : Deathfire and come back to see if the servers are up, maybe next month when most of the “hardcore pvp players” already left, they will have more time to try to workout the SA servers…

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At this point South American costumers should be offered a refund option and steam sales should be blocked for our region. They cant sell you a game that is not working and they have NO IDEA about how to fix it.

I’m getting the eternal load in private serves as well, at the moment I can only play the single player mode…

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