Please Give Me a Response FUNCOM

Game mode: [Online | Private Server]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc] ALL OF THE ABOVE
Region: [EU]

Okay, I’m going to try to break this down one thing at a time. I’ve posted about all of these issues at one point or another and have never received a response from FunCom, or any idea if they are planning on fixing these issues. As of right now, the game is pointless for me, and unplayable. I have been seriously understanding, and patient. I’ve waited, downloaded patches, scrolled the forums here… I’ve kind of had enough. Not only did I play the game with less issues in the game preview, but now I’ve paid for a server on top of it, and the game is WORSE than it was.

Issue 1: When I start the game, the opening animation squence freezes and glitches then continues to play. Not a good sign for game play.

Issue 2: My private server (saved in my favorites) is password locked. I have a few friends who play on it, less than the 10 slots I pay for. However, it consistently pings at 9999 and shows 10/10 server is full. After leaving it at the server search screen about 5 minutes later and it will allow me to load in. 5 minutes of just sitting there, no refresh, no button pushing, just wait and it goes to 0/10. Weird.

Issue 3: Instant death. I have a bug where I get attacked by a hostile anything, or fall from a short drop (like a single staircase), and I die. Instantly. I take all my health damage in one go. It shows me as instantly out of stamina, out of food, out of water. THIS IS HAPPENING ALL THE TIME. IT HAPPENS IN DEMIGOD MODE. This has rendered the game unplayable, unless I am in full god mode, which is less than fun and challenging for a survival game.

Issue 4: After the last patch 14.6.2018 I believe, I have started suffering severe rubberbanding and lag issues. It glitches me around when walking, even glitching me through closed doors and walls.

Issue 5: I am unable to fully snap ceiling tiles into place. I have tried from above and below, and it keeps telling me it has to attach to exsisting pieces. There ARE pieces on either side of the tile and it refuses to link up into place. This means I have a huge hole in my ceiling. Good thing I turned off the purge and PvP for the time being, making the game less challenging again.

This pretty much sums up what I’ve been dealing with. I know that the devs are working hard, but the mention of coming DLC when these very basic game things are still broken has me tweeked. Please, please talk to me FunCom. Please explain to me how I can get this fixed and enjoy playing the game that I absolutely adored in game preview and am now starting to loath.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start game
  2. Watch things go terribly wrong
  3. Cry salty gamer tears
  4. Restart and try again with the same results
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Oh, and just to add, this is not just affecting me. All of these issues are affecting every player that plays on my server, reguarless of the region they are connecting from.

And to clarify, the instant death thing, is -any- creature, hostile, thrall, etc. Anything that can deal me damage from hostiles, environment, gravity, is a one hit kill.

  1. This is happening to everyone.

  2. This is also happening to everyone even on official servers (doesn’t take no 5 minutes for mine, but about 30 - 45 seconds)

  3. Never heard of this, I only play single player to do mock builds of my base to see how many materials I’ll need so I don’t waste anything trying to build a bridge only to not have it match up.

  4. This seems to only happen after I’ve traveled a ton and havn’t restarted my xbox in a while. For instance I made 3 runs from the center of the Volcano to the highlands with thralls, on the 4th and final run I was rubberbanding bad until I reset my xbox.

  5. I’ve had this happen, Use a repair hammer and make sure the pieces your snapping it to has enough “Support” stat. If this isn’t the issue and your building in or around a tree sometimes the tree will have an invisible limb that will try to clip things. (this happened to me when I was building really close to a tree in the jungle.

DLC is what this company needs, with Paid DLC they can employ more and make this game blossom even further.

I believe the limit for pieces from a wall or foundation is 4. Then the fourth piece will need a wall or column or staircase to attach to. Then you can build out another four… then another support… and so on.

As far as instant death… I wonder if you have a server setting issue. I never read or saw anything on these forums in regards to an issue like that. Maybe change a setting and test it… not sure which one it might be. How much health is the game showing you have?

My suggestion is to make a Backup on the private server. Reinstall the game on the private server and then Restore the Backup to see if it fixes some of the in-game issues.

You’ve got to be kidding. They took our money when they announced the game was finished, which it certainly was not. Why would anybody give this company a penny more when the base game is so screwed up??!!

Between losing my item wheel contents, my armor, only seeing a shadow of my body at a death location and not being able to get my loot, the game has become unplayable for me. And what do I hear from Funcom, “we’re only human”, and they do this all the while laughing all the way to the bank.

I won’t say what I want to because I’ll get banned, but just know, you won’t get anymore money from me until you fix the game I bought.

To be honest, I have not had most of these issues listed on our private GPortal Server (XBOX) - set as Purist mode without mods.

1-No opening animations freeze/glitch

2-Server List refreshes within a minute for 10/10 and Ping 9999

3-No Instant Death

4-Occasional lags, but not often.

There are occasional boots from the server, but they are not that frequent.

No missing items.

For the most part, the game has been running better than what I hear most gamers say. I am not sure if local connections (Internet/WiFi) and Internet providers could be the cause of some of the issues. I am not sure, just rambling at this point.

I’ve noticed the opening animation glitch recently, as in it started during a recent patch. Before I could hit a button to skip the cut scene, now I have to wait for the first glitch before it responds. (glitch is always in same place)

I’ve had a named thrall converting for 4 days now. It keeps losing progress some how ? Never ran out of gruel or anything. Getting very annoying. Anyone have a way to make names thralls actually finish?

Recently I have started seeing this as well. I did not catch it right away until I watched for it after reading your post.

Hey Tommy, a question for you. Am I going to have to place my Lesser Wheel of Pain indoors to prevent sandstorms from killing the thralls? I’d rather know now than to build it and then find out later.

All of our wheel of pains are outside and the sandstorms do not affect the thralls. We have archer thralls and fighter thralls guarding the wall outside and they are not affected by sandstorms. Even the dancer thralls are not affected.

Thanks a lot. Funny how my character can die inside a house with windows but thralls can’t outside. Chalk it up to programming I guess.