[VOTE POLL] Did funcom EVEN acknowledge the most recent bug? Funcom, TAKE ACTION. >:(

  • Revert to previous version of the game.
  • Keep the current version of the game.
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Funcom, you released a patch (your very last one), that broke the game.

The current version of the game is not playable. It is really not. The game is runing as if it as in ALPHA. No joke.

Just revert to the very previous version where it was all fine… then test it properly then release it.

Thank you.


Never happening.

Wait 3 months for the next season patch and see if things have improved or quit.

At this point i’d say Funcom commits to it’s bugs, not it’s players.


Agreed. What a disaster.


Where the heck is Funcom and why they still haven’t responded?!


There was an answer in one of the topics. They are aware of the problems and are preparing an update to solve them.


And people cannot understand that complaining more will not make the fix come faster.

If you have constructive feedback or serious information to provide, do it.

On the other hand if someone is just there to whine for the 50th time of the day about the exact same thing in the most disrespectful and aggressive manner possible, they should abstain :harold:

Be as clear an concise as possible about problems, always.
One of the two is often missing, and sometimes both :notlikethis:


Every player knows the game is not playable after the latest patch… It is more than clear there is a major issue. A simple solution is to revert the game prior to the new patch… BOOM fixed. Then they can work on the patch on an isolated test server.

It is hard to be constructive when you have been suffering since last thursday, and the only reason you are playing in this unplayable state is because you want to login to guard your loot.

I login and I stay stuck in my base because it is too risky to get out… A thrall which is not in my screen could kill be from 150 meters at anytime.

Thank you sir.

I, and a group of friends, play everyday with few issues (PS5, official PvE server). I also do not run the major dungeons very often, but we have run 12 purges in the 3 days.

Yes, there are issues. And yes, these are issues that we saw 3, 6, and 12 months ago. They are more severe at times, but we just talked last night about the lag that was occurring before. I can log out and reboot my modem and it runs well.


Idk, I played earlier today and it was completely fine for me, so while that’s not a huge sample size, it does prove that you may have been leaping to a bit of an assumption with that “every player” :slight_smile:

Sadly, that’s just not how game development works… that will most likely never happen.
They already confirmed some of the issues and also confirmed that they have not one… but TWO hotfixes lined up. So they’re not going to be going backwards when literally every update for months in advance is planned for them…

They’re not a 2 person PC-only indie studio though, they can’t just dump updates like it’s nothing… Things are scheduled… they knew WHEN they would release the hotfix before the game update even happened… as they have to typically wait several weeks for even any modifications to be approved by the platform for console versions.

And it’s blatantly obvious that the release dates for these Chapters are NOT dictated by the ones developing the game, they would never release it in this state, but they are forced to.
So in a way they are more on YOUR side than you think… despite you and others badmouthing them 24/7.
I’m almost certain that they warned management that the shit would hit the fan again, but they didn’t listen and had them push updates… because… money… So if these issues drop interest towards the game and profits enough to where the management takes a step back… then maybe the people who ACTUALLY develop this game can work properly on it.
Right now a bunch of them are probably thinking “I told you so…” :stuck_out_tongue:


That is in no way a simple solution.

Good for you. And what if the next update wipes your base? Deletes your account, kills all your thralls, prevents you from logging in for a week, and on and on and on and at what point is it too much?

Counting on updates to break something isn’t the way updates are supposed to work. Just rolling over every time only makes it worse.

Why try harder when we will set here and keep playing regardless of what crap funcom pushes off on us?

As I vehemently pointed out when funcom went to this hard release crap. I have seen this same thing done to so many games by the same company. This is the same thing that happens to every developer that goes this route. Once they have hard release dates the update goes out as is, brakes stuff costs them players, they get a bad rep for a crap game so no new players. And the game fades to nonexistence to live a zombie life on some forgotten about server. This is SOP for tencent.

There was an answer in one of the topics. They are aware of the problems and are preparing an update to solve them.

I’m not sure what you’re referencing. They still haven’t acknowledged the desynchronization issue forcing players to log in and out of the game every 15-30 min to even slightly alleviate some of the lag.

Idk, I played earlier today and it was completely fine for me, so while that’s not a huge sample size, it does prove that you may have been leaping to a bit of an assumption with that “every player” :slight_smile:

You’re either lying, playing solo, only playing for a few minutes at a time, or failing the IQ check to tell there’s a major problem. Every single person who plays online is experiencing this issue; it’s not subjective.

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Yes… my hobby is to lie about stuff like that… everybody knows it… and obviously I also lack the IQ to notice bugs:man_shrugging:
Only your reality must exist, because you’re the center of the universe so if something is affecting you, then obviously every single person must be suffering from that too :stuck_out_tongue:
If we’re making guesses, let me also make a guess where you play… official PvP server right?


This is why the game is so buggy… Blue Prints…
This game should be all written in C++, not blueprints.

honestly its been bad but I cant vote either way as I think a third option of keep but fix the current update should of been added

No-no. But you could have your 2 days of 3x farming rates of official next month :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thank you, and buy more crom coinz :pinched_fingers:

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For the sake of precision, I’d like to point out that “online” was not specified in the post to which Xevyr was replying.

I was able to connect to FLS last night when playing on my Single-Player game, so technically I was “online” while playing for ~an hour and a half with no issues worth mentioning. So if the issue is that people have been unable to connect to servers, that’s a more specific problem than “everyone knows it’s unplayable”.

It’s still an unfortunate situation, and I hope it gets fixed soon, but we’re not helping if we provide misleading information regarding the scope of the issue.

What if? I don’t spend my time worrying about it. I don’t lose sleep hoping the update is perfect. It’s a game after all.

I was really looking forward to Chapter 2, and I was not disappointed with the direction. I didn’t even notice any problems until I saw some guy’s video on Youtube, and then I had to check it out.

And, because it’s a game, when there are problems, we try to assist in solving them, because endless complaining is useless.

Something must be working, since we have a pretty full server every day.

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So basically funcom can do you know wrong and you’ll take what ever broken crap they hand you?

And people wonder why games are in the state they are in.


Well, as I said very clearly, I have not had any issues with the style of play that I engage in. So, no wrong has been done to ME.

I went looking for an issue, and I found one big one that I cannot, nor can any of the programmers that I work with, blame Funcom for creating. It is an issue, and it does seem to affect officials and some, not all, private servers.

Perhaps, and I’m just spitballing here, the third party software issue that made some elements invisible, is not completely corrected, and is causing the lag? Can I blame Funcom for that? Not entirely. We run into that every day, and it usually rears its ugly head after the install.

But, in your wisdom, you can tell me if i should stop enjoying a game because someone else has a problem. Perhaps when thralls are unintentionally deleted, but restored after the problem is found? How about when I lose a workstations due to an error? Should I just quit? Should I be happy to have something to work towards by replacing what I lost, or should I complain to everyone and basically act like a 4 year old? You tell me. When should I stop enjoying a game that has held my attention for FIVE years. A game where I can find something I’d not seen in those years just last week.

Too many people spend way too much time trying to convince others that they should walk away. If you want to, please do. Leave the rest of us alone.


I just watched my neighbors place not rez up and everything fall in the water.

You’re just proving my point, enjoy your game.

When ch2 hit live my game got unplayable fast. With in 15-20 minutes the game lag made just accessing a chest a frustration of multiple clicks. The desync made fighting impossible. Oh the work around was to relog, real fun to try to do in battle. And when I only have a half hour to play I don’t want to spend 10 minutes o f it logging in and relogging.

Now you and your friends may not have had the issue but it was so common the it was the main topic of many threads here and else were, as well as conversations on various discords. As far as I can tell people that didn’t have lag issues where in the minority.

Now I’m not so upset about all the complaints but all the threads that could have been avoided with a simple forum search.

I’m not convincing people to walk away, I sure can’t. As much as I want to. But I’m also not going to lay back and hope funcom gives me a kiss and hands me a towel after an update.

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