Funcom, why? Just roll back!

Funcom, what was the exact goal of the last big update? Because from my perspective you guys just screwed up the entire game. With the update, a lot of things broke. People couldn’t access their servers and had their characters wiped. A lot of servers are struggling with unreasonably high ping now, some servers are crashing constantly. A lot of people cannot even find servers via the traditional ways anymore because all links have gone down with with your new stupid server browser system.

I’ve got server owners and players being frustrated in my discord, because they can’t properly play the game. Where the server ran smooth before the update, the server ran terrible or not at all after the update. That is on Funcom. Not on that server. And funcom still hasn’t issued a statement on why they screwed up so horribly or what server owners could do to make their server coöperate with the new (although bad) system. Some server owners are working around the clock, 24 hours, because the server doesn’t get a break. Crash here, crash there, update here, update there. This is just ridiculous and unfair towards them.

Besides… this system also caused a whole lot of issues on the PS4 if I’m not mistaken. And yet you pushed the update to other platforms too.

As a mod author (I’m the creator of Immersive Armors), I know that I can roll back my mod if my mod causes a mess in the game. Don’t tell me you devs, with the advanced equipment you lot got, don’t have a roll back button somewhere.

Roll this patch back, and test it thoroughly on testlive before you decide to throw it live. This is ridiculous. I know this is still early access, but it’s been like that for a few years now. It’s as if you guys use the early access as an excuse to screw up. That shouldn’t be how the world works.

We all paid for this game, some more than others. People are passionate for this game, have given your company support which in turn allowed you to make more games. So give back to the community already, which could be as simple as to just not screw up.


I play on several different servers with and without mods. I can access them all just fine since their last update posted. Why can’t you?

Are these all heavily modded servers? Are these official servers? Are these private but unmodded servers?

Ok, what “links” have gone down? Either you find the server in the server list or you click on direct connect and enter the IP address of the server. Either way there are no “links” to joining a server and both ways of joining a server still work exactly as they did before.

I ask again, are these heavily modded servers? A lot of time this alone is the problem. And do not get me wrong, I do play on one server that has over 30 mods on it so I am by no means anti mod. But the more mods you have, especially after a big update, the more issues you will have with things like ping and reboots. That’s just a fact which you should know. And yes, that IS on the server. Mods are not a responsibility of funcom.

I’m sorry but I’ve been able to play for 5 hours straight on a server with 30+ mods with little to no lag do to having “high ping”, and the lag I did have was were someone built a HUGE base, and the server did not once crash or have to restart. I’ve been able to play on servers with no mods with massive bases and same results.


These are servers that’re modded, but not overly so. I’d say around 5 to 7 mods. Crashes happen regularly and there’s no mod that can be pointed as the source. Generally speaking it’s just Funcom though, considering how all mods were appropriately updated since Funcom’s update and before the Funcom patch everything was working fine on both servers I was playing on and ever since they updated, both servers are just screwed over. And these are two entirely different servers, one with high population and one with very low population and different mods on each and both run into different issues.

People constantly have to join via direct connect, rather than finding the server in the server list because that still doesn’t work. And links were broken, look at Battlemetrics. You can’t find any servers there anymore. And that’s how a lot of people also joined, via websites like Battlemetrics.

And while it’s rather ‘easy’ to say: I’ve played 5 hours today! It might be your mods! (Because you know, blame the modders right? While they are the ones keeping Conan alive because Funcom is running it into the ground).

But Funcom screwed something over in their patch. And I appreciate you ‘trying’ to help. But I’m not here to troubleshoot otherwise I’d be in the technical problems or bug section. I’m here to complain as a customer, to Funcom and tell them to stop ruining a game that was working just fine before.


Have seen and experienced all the same issues, don’t see how anyone could pretend all of this has not happened or nitpick about terminology when we know exactly what you mean. My only guess as to why they won’t even discuss the reasons they won’t roll back, let alone actually do it, is that there is a decree from above that they have to make it work, on a deadline, because following plans depend on it. Could be tied in to imminent(ish) release of new map, which would seem plausible given the upcoming free Conan Exiles on Epic Games - which I also assume (a lot of assumptions I know, but plausible methinks) is to get more players into the base game so they are ready to purchase the expansion. All conjecture, but it fits.

p.s. you have done some AMAZING work CookieJar! Thank you!


Preparation for lauch on Epic Store next week. With the release date being announced, Funcom simply can’t roll the patch back.


I assume they mean the steam direct connect link which allowed you to create a desktop shortcut for the server. If not mistaken some rating sites also had a join button for the server which was relying on SteamAPI.


Exactly what Narelle said. Those links broke. - And it’s fair about the release date. And while some servers seem to be working fine, there’s a ton of servers who struggle right now because what was running bad before is now running even worse with the latest update. And what was running fine before is now running terribly.

And to think this all wasn’t even thoroughly tested on the testlive beforehand. I don’t know how they could release it without making sure that it works smooth. And I hope they get a lot of crap for it. Because me as a mod author, if I release my mod with bugs and glitches and crashes, I get a lot of crap while I’m alone and don’t get paid to mod. So I can’t justify spending whole days working on it. Lol


The problem comes from the fact that according to what I have heard g-portal didn’t have any problems with the update. On the other hand, I personally identified the issue once I tried to set up a TestLive server with GTX. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out what exactly was wrong before it was too late. At least, as soon as the patch went live and our GTX servers started crashing, I could immediately recognize the errors due to the struggles I had with getting my TestLive server to work.

What makes me wonder is why G-portal have no issues but other hosts have- What is different between the way they set the servers up?

I am going to assume that it’s related to steam. Since PC is no longer routed via Steam servers. While I believe it used to be before.

The loose translation of this is:

“Funcom, why won’t your software work when I change it?”


CookieJar, thank you for giving some more information. :smile:

This has been an issue for oh probably 2 years now so not an issue from the latest update. But still an issue none the less and yes, this is most definitely funcoms fault.

I’m not attempting to place blame on the modders. And certainly not on you. I use your mod too. :wink:

My only reason for asking the questions I asked was to try to get more information on the subject at hand because it’s “easy” to say it’s funcoms fault when there could very well be other factions in play. Such as the issue with the PS4 server which turned out to be Sony’s fault in the end but every jumped to the whole “it’s funcoms fault” mentality instantly.

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Just tossing it out there, but I think Funcom uses G-portal for officials, and I know consoles only have that as a private option. so any other provider of servers may not get the communication on the level G-Portal would.

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Yes, but the patch was the same for all so it was something to do with the server configuration. Otherwise, yes, G-Portal partner with Funcom so the communication between them should be much more direct.

No rollback. A rollback would be a step backwards for me and others. Many of us are not having issues. And the update came with many balance fixes that have made the experience more enjoyable.

Yes, not everyone is bugged out.

I don’t use either Gportal or GTX. But Serverblend. We currently use about 20 mods.

I agree with @Taemien. Once the issue was identified, GTX reconfigured our server and the crashes stopped. It was sorted on patch day for us. What I meant is that if g-portal didn’t report any issues with the patch that was running on TestLive, Funcom didn’t expect other server hosts to have issues with it, I suppose.

I really just need my History and Favorites list to function properly now and I am up to same level of enjoyment, I had before patch.
Never had issues with lists before. Now, they are useless

I will applaud FC when they make good work, which they do, most of the time.
But this patch was seriously among one of the worst released yet.

I am sure there is an apology from FC tugged away in the updates FC has given us; just haven’t seen one and the closest we got to an explanation was “blame PIPPI”

Yeah, who is the troll here? I did not troll Cookie in any way shape or form and yet your sit here and attack me for no reason. Before you attempt to call someone ignorant, try not to act that way yourself.

They seem to want to refuse to give details about what they have issues with. Ideally they would all post in one thread in the bug report section, explain the issue, the steps they are taking to replicate the issue, and then post their specs of the machines they are using to connect with, the machine they are running the server on, and potentially any software running alongside.

I guarantee there is a common thing among them. But since they do not wish to cooperate with basic bug reporting. They have to languish.

If my server was running like crap, here’s the steps I would take (and I have taken them):

Backup the Database.
Try the Database in Singleplayer

If it runs like crap in Singleplayer, then there’s an issue with either mods or the game itself. Next thing here is to run without mods. If it still runs like crap, try no mods and a fresh map. This is likely not the problem since many are having no issues. But in the case that you do, try running it on a different PC.

Otherwise continue trying to find the problem.
Start a new map without mods (if applicable).

If the problem persists here, then there is something weird going on. It could be the game, or it could be the server host. Next thing to do here would be to reinstall Conan Exiles on the server host.

If that doesn’t work. And it works in Singleplayer, its time to switch hosts.

I’ve actually had to run through these steps a few months ago. Gportal ran our server like crap. It worked fine in SP, and so I made the suggestion to try a new host. Loaded up the game.db on Serverblend and its been going since.

That database is now 6 months old. And despite this month’s updates, we’re still holding fine. We have to restart every 4 days to clear up rubberbanding (which doesn’t appear until the fourth day). But that has been constant for the entire 6 months.

Sometimes you need to juggle mods. Sometimes you need to wipe your database. Sometimes you just need a new server host.

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Uh, excuse me. ‘They’? My server has sent in plentiful of bug reports, and the admin team of which some admins have literally spent 24 hours monitoring the server and fixing it up everytime it went down as a result of Funcom’s terrible patching.

I came here not to troubleshoot or bug report but to call Funcom responsible. All the steps you put down have also already been made by the server. I’m not part of the server team, by the way. But I’ve seen the admin suffer in order to try and keep the server stable.

Strangely enough, the server was running smooth as heck before the update, even with 70 out of 70 slots filled. And even now, due to all the issues where population dropped to 36/70 or even lower, the server still reaches 1k server ping for absolutely no reason. They’ve gone through the motions of players reporting what they were doing at the time of the server crashing, etc. But a lot of it doesn’t help.

The database infact wasn’t even a week old, because that server had just started a new season a week before the update hit as well. And the server restarts once or even twice a day automatically.

It could be that plentiful of people don’t have issues. But there’s also plentiful of people who do have issues with the latest update and wether that’s because Funcom decided to push a crappy update or wether it’s some modders having to figure out how to make their mod work in this situation. It is on Funcom, because ultimately, they did not communicate and test thoroughly because a lot of issues are happening before you even enter the game and mess around with mods in the first place.


Have they tried reinstalling the server software?

When we run servers there’s a ton of things that can go wrong:

Steam issues, sometimes steam gums up. In fact the majority of issues I’ve had in the last 6 months can be attributed to steam. Either it doesn’t update the server correctly. Doesn’t give my players the updates properly. Corrupts something during an update. Hell most updates I have to verify game files because of a pak error caused by the update to either the game or a mod or both getting corrupted. Suffice to say Steam is not 100% effective.

Sometimes the serverhost is the issue. Their hardware gums up. Their network drops packets during updates. They get congested during an update and cause errors.

I understand your frustration. I went through literally the same issues as you not long ago. And I did every troubleshooting step I could find. Like I said, I even loaded the game.db file in singleplayer to ensure it wasn’t database corruption. It wasn’t. And we figured the serverhost just bombed on us. We dropped G-Portal for Serverblend and the problem magically went away.

I couldn’t tell you WHY G-portal didn’t work with our server. To this day I don’t know what went wrong. I can’t say with 100% certainty that it was G-Portal and not Funcom’s update that for some reason wasn’t compatible with something G-portal had in relations to mods (officials were fine).

Now in reality, did your server host take all steps mentioned? I know most run with new database, with and without mods, for testing. But did they try the database in singleplayer? Did they try another host? Again neither of these rule out a Funcom issue, but they do ensure your playerbase can get back on if a workaround is found.

Principles go out the window when you’re responsible for a playerbase. Its easy to say as a regular player that Funcom needs to do this or that, and its not my responsibility to ‘do their work’. But when you’re a server admin, that goes out the window.

Personally I don’t believe your mods are broke. We have 20 mods on our server and its likely we use similar mods (I mean doesn’t everyone when they’ve got that many?). So I think your issue is hardware or a simple steam gaff.

I’ve had at least 3-4 steam issues with the last two weeks of updates. And the reason I can say that is some of our players had issues. Some didn’t. The ones who did fixed their issues by forcing steam to redownload, verify files, or switching install locations. I’ve also had steam not apply updates when told to for the server which caused some interesting login issues.