Rollback upvote thread

Come on Funcom. So many has lost so much. Just roll back the servers to before patch please. People have been offline-raided (us) while servers was down, lost ovnership to base, lost their character etc.

Just roll back the servers.

This should not have happened, atleast TRY to fix it.



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Lost 200h work, I was raided while couldnt even run a game, my friend couldnt join the server. Enemy clan wiped us yesterday while almost nobody was able to join

ridicuolus, if Funcom doesnt revert this I will demand refund until I get it

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Rolling back also then creates an even worse issue, as other servers may not have backed up prior to the patch(yes I know they should do but…) . I.e you’ll be a left with a database of half steam ID and half funcom ID’s and no way to get them back

Yes please roll back. Perhapes to the version of March 2020. I think that one still got the Thrall Health bars.
And if that should work, please no more patches. You can put all your great ideas into a new game if you really need to. Call it Conan Next Generation or whatever you want.

I don’t want anything rolled back.