A radical idea (rollback)

This patch seems to be killing off Thralls that people have played hard for, by the dozens. Seems like the hotfix didn’t fix much in terms of what was broken. They also apparently borked Bow/Accuracy to an unreasonable point, though I admittedly don’t use bows. Reading all these issues, I’m to the point where I am just afraid to login for fear that my thralls that I played hard for will just up and die or disappear forever. With a heavy heart I turned my private server off today. I just can’t risk my thralls, nor do my friends want to risk there’s.

Having said that, I’m not 100% sure why Funcom didn’t just roll this update back. Take it back to testlive and work on it some more. This way, people can at least play the game. As it stands now, I’m not the only one who has turned their server off out of fear of losing what they have, and I suspect I won’t be the last. This is easily in my top 3 games of all time, I love the game and the Conan IP. I also understand that COVID might be to blame for a lot of this because the devs very likely are all working from home. Although I think it would be wise to roll this back and iron these bugs out. I know a lot of us that prefer action over words would be more than willing to help test the patch more if they would but do this for us.

Thanks for reading/your time.
A concerned fan


I agree wholeheartedly. I would rather them roll back the patch and fix it than risk losing the thralls and pets that I have spent so much time on. I know for some people they can just go out and get another thrall/pet but to what end? I enjoy having my pet helping me in battle since my build is more melee than tank, it is just how I chose to play, so not having my beloved pet with me for fear of it just dying to nothing has made the game just not enjoyable for me. Please consider this advice funcom!

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What about the 100s of people who don’t have any issues with the patch, bought the new DLC, and spent many hours building with the new pieces, making new armor, and leveling thralls? They are not in here complaining because they are having fun. Rollback would bring them here though. Either way people get upset. May as well suck up the losses.


Yes, people are going to get upset, but that issue is temporary. The loses people are currently incurring are permanent. So which problem would you prefer to roll the dice with? A temporary one, or a permanent one?

Besides, the patch and DLC teams are different people. They are in fact different components altogether. So the DLC stays. Nobody is affected and servers aren’t rolled back. The Patch is however removed from the servers and people lose the commands they currently have, and bows get back to normal. These 100s of people that you assume are affected aren’t affected at all. Not sure where you’re getting that from, but server roll-back’s and patch roll-back’s are totally different things. Plenty of online games have taken the servers down and rolled back updates, including driver releases. People do it on their PCs every day. It’s not a complex process…generally speaking.

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It seems thralls get fall-dmg without really falling.

Guarded thralls teleport - mine ported at the top of spikes, killing herself.
My only lvl 20 archer. At PvE with x1 XP… i think she even had a Red mother bow… but I dont care about gear. Its the game.
But level a thrall to 20 at PvE… boohoo… :sob:

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It’s not me, it’s several people on the forums and reddit reporting thralls and pets dying. Several people are reporting their pets are dying when they even tried to climb their own base. The pets just dropped over dead randomly. Some people are saying they’re dying because they can’t see pet HP bars, others say it’s from fall damage as well. All of the above seems to be a serious issue and it was reported several times on the test server and the patch was still pumped out anyway.


I actually haven’t started up CE for a while. For PvE players… if you’re not opposed to granting yourself some admin rights and respawning lost Thralls, then losing your thralls isn’t really that big a deal. I’d like to be able to change the attire of my work bench thralls… that’d be nice to do without a mod. It’d also keep my mod count lower so I could try different mods… wow… I’m rambly tonight

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Hold your horses there, Halk. Shadoza wasn’t doing any of what you’re accusing him of doing. He was asking more details about what specifically was the problem here. Which is fair, as the OP didn’t really provide much in the way of details.

Maybe the issue is something with which we could help. That’s why he’s asking what the problem is.


Sure, you’re right about that. Some people are understandably excited about the new thrall commands and the new DLC buildings, but that’s no excuse to dismiss bug reports.

That said, asking for a rollback so one could get their dead thralls back, while ignoring that some people have been playing, building, leveling up, getting rare loot, etc. and would lose all that progress if a rollback was done, is a selfish approach. Understandable, but selfish. I know how painful it is to lose something you worked for because of a bug, so my sympathies are for those people who have lost their precious thralls - but I don’t feel it justifies demanding that other people lose their hard-earned stuff. In my opinion, that would cause more hard feelings among the player base. It’s better that some people are angry at Funcom than some players being angry at other players.


It’s not even noon on Monday morning in Norway, and their American studio is still sleeping. They’re probably still in the process of figuring out what even is going on.

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Speaking as someone who lost a 100% healthy Level 19 Erii with Legendary armor and weapons, I have to say I agree with you.

It was annoying, frustrating, and I will get over it.

Before thrall leveling, I went through a phase of a week or so were 4 of my T4 Bearers repeatedly jumped off cliffs until they died. I got over that, too.

While I share the frustration of losing hard won thralls and gear and levels, this, too, shall pass.


Love ur mentality… Since when thralls r more important than our characters??? And to add up to the whole server equattion, there r also the ones that do not like thralls!!! And keep playing solo and they do not care to do a dungeon alone in more than an hour… and also do not care to try and fail a million times cause “with a thrall is easier” … And yes maybe this ■■■■■■ is only me, BUT there r those gamers as well… So get all legendaries off ur thralls… And give em craftable only stuff and u may find out that they do just fine with those as well… Adapt , and finally overcome … And who knows, when this huge step (cause that is what i see in this patch), gets polished and all r working great, maybe u can invest in ur thralls, not cause u will need em by then, but u know, just for the fun of it!!!:wink:


i think everyone somehow thinking the idea of a roll back would bring back peoples thralls and such are just plain OUT OF TOUCH WITH THE SITUATION or its being lost in translation…

NO ONE WANTS THEIR THRALLS BACK THAT DIED. what do i mean? rolling back WILL NOT bring back thralls that are dead already from bug glitches…what the people saying rollback want…is to not feel like they have to leave their entire army at home and solo the entire map until AI gets fixed for fear of bring their newest/best/most trusted/loved thrall out to play and it gets killed from a bug…

another point…the whoever person above that said something about “oh the pve’ers can just spawn themrselves a new thrall…i must be rambely tonight”…that person has no idea what they are talking about at all…you can spawn a thralll…any thrall you want with admin…sure…yea…no problem…YOU ONLY GET A LEVEL 0!!! EVER!!! never anything else…so ur lvl 20 t4 fighter that u had forver that just died from whatever the bug may be…you aint getting his XP back…u cannot force feed XP thru admin commands to a thrall…only spawn lvl 0.

basiclly we have a meteaphor here…

all have these fancy cars and we cant drive them cuz we’re scared a semitruck is just gonna blast a red light and game over man…game over…

we wanna play without having to turn around every 2 sec over our shoulder and not worry WHEN our thrall is gonna insta die from a bug.

this is about PREVENTING further damage to player saves/progress.

rolling back as brought up above only affects the AI logic in comparison to the point asked about would it tkae away DLC and current “unaffected” players progress…all it would do would revert current AI logic to prepatch. DLC would stay. people up to date progress events and items xp etc would all stay just like it is now.


Not really, it is not that hard to take a thrall out of the box and level if you did lose a thrall. Outside of a few purge thralls, everything else is very replaceable. That is why clans that have been on servers for months have hoards of stuff in chests.

And not everyone is having these issues. Not to the point where a roll back i s necessary.

yet again. somehow out of touch and has no idea what they are talking about.

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They should used this for the patch before the mounts patch.

That destroyed the game for me, didn’t play for 6 months because of this and their lovely updating skills.


I also ranted about the update/patch: Oh my god, the new AI rocks!

My friend one hint for you because I really like you ,but before I will tell you that yesterday I was upset like you ,but not anymore . You know very well that the best way to win the bugs is to learn what is causing them . Ofcurse I speak the gaming way and not the programming :joy::joy::joy: . So , your following attitude must change . Your follower has commands and you must use them all the time so you 'll have a safe journey with your thrall .
1 Use the paths(streets) , if you take rocky streets your thrall might stuck in a pile of rocks and you have to break them so it can walk .
2 press the button move every time you change your course and sometimes check behind to see if it is following .
3 command it to attack nothing , this way your thrall will bot be distracted and follow you all the time without a problem . If you still find something that you want to attack on the way

Command it to attack . At the time your thrall gives the first hits , command it to attack every thing and when you finish command it again to attack nothing and continue your way .
I know that we have to change the way we use to play with our thralls but we must see it as a new beautiful challenge . It didn’t took me so long to understand how to walk safe with my thrall . We are old and faithful players to this game and we have to stay this way and help each other . If you have something else to suggest to make my gaming life easier please share the soonest possible . Thank you for your time :+1:

Rolling back an update is not always possible unless you always sit down and write rollback code for every update. Even then, sometimes writing that rollback code can be tricky. In some cases, it can be infeasible in practice even though it’s possible in theory.

I don’t know if this particular update has any side-effects that would require specialized rollback code. I just wanted to explain that things aren’t as simple as a Harry Potter swish-and-flick :wink:

Of course, there’s one sure-fire way to rollback any update, but I didn’t include that because it’s not really a rollback of the update as much as it’s a complete rollback of everything that happened since the update. I’m talking about bringing all servers down and restoring their backups to the point just before the patch.

Guess how popular that would be?