What's up with the thralls decay timer?

We have lost a huge number of pets and thralls. This mistake is solely on the conscience of FC, and there is no excuse for it. So here’s a very simple task for you: either you roll back the servers in the past, and return everything that is lost. Or your game will free up space on the ssd for one new space RPG. And then you can play your Chapter 2 with yourself.

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You’re lucky in two regards:

  1. The rollback happened.
  2. You avoided another Bethesda bugfest that would have annoyed you at least as much as Conan Exiles. I can understand people getting upset with Funcom because of bugs - what I can’t understand is the same people hypeing up Bethesda products, which in my experience have, despite Bethesda being a significantly bigger company than Funcom, been at least as broken as Conan Exiles.

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