Why was the game rolled back

Why the hell was the game rolled back i been playing lots over the past 24 hours and everything i done has been for nothing what the hell


Because someone rolled back the thrall decay to one day and thousands of thralls and pets disappeared this was across all platforms on Exiles server’s lost a few not nearly what others have. Funcom is working on a way to compensate the people who lost the last couple of days work
Good luck Exile

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Because FC is lazy as usual.

Someone typed 1 instead of 10 in teh number of days for thrall decay setting and people lost their thralls for not logging in for 1 day, that specific day.
Then they waited 2 days to do a 15 min rollback.

I expect something half-assed. Even quarter-assed at this point.

Might have even been a sleepy Gportal employee napping on keyboard doubt we will find out.

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Oh ok i guess that to be a pain



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I am sorry you had to loose for others to gain, i really do. If you lost something rare or important i volunteer to jump in your server and help you gain it back.

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