Update on the player compensation for the Thrall Decay timers on Official servers


The rollback of the official Exiled Lands servers was completed yesterday, and the Thralls that perished should now be returned to their rightful masters. However, this process came at a cost, and the progress made by Exiles players on official servers over the past two days has been effectively wiped.

To give everyone a little more context about what happened. We made an error in the server settings early Friday EU time, which did not transpire until the next nightly server restart, subsequently causing unintended consequences over the weekend. The settings were corrected and applied to the affected servers on Saturday, September 2nd, around 21:00 UTC. At this point, we were already weighing the pros and cons of all the options we had to deal with the impact.

Performing a rollback for 780 servers was the preferred option, but it was unclear whether it was technically feasible to do so without taking days to complete or resulting in an extremely long downtime. Therefore, we needed to verify that we could confidently semi-automate this process before officially notifying everyone that the rollback would take place, which delayed our messaging and shortened the notice period.

We regret the loss of progress you have experienced, and to help you recover from this setback, we will be boosting the experience gained, gathering speed, and the thrall & pets conversion rate by updating the following server settings later today through next Monday, September 11th:

Official Exiled Lands Servers


PvE: 1 → 2

PvE-C: 2 → 4


All server types: 1 → 2


All server types: 1 → 0.5


All server types: 1 → 0.5


All server types: 1 → 0.5

To avoid a similar situation in the future, we are adjusting our internal processes. Most importantly, we are instituting more stringent release review processes to help catch errors before deploying updates to the live servers and moving even minor server configuration changes away from Fridays.

This was not the best weekend, and we sincerely apologize for interrupting your gaming plans and any time lost. You have been excellent about all of this, and we hope this boost will aid your adventures!

Thank you.


Thanks for the response :+1:
Can we still expect to see our thralls coming back if not yet returned?


Thanks for your effort guys some times it happens :sweat_smile:

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Any chance you can think about adjusting PvP and PvE servers differently when these problems come up ? PvP servers were largely unaffected by missing thralls and many lost the outcome of a weekends worth of raids and PvP for no reason


You keep saying that and again I have to ask you for proof. This is not even close to accurate. PvP servers were very much affected.


Big thanks for this - especially for the details about what happened. Have a great weekend \o/


Actions speak louder than words.

I’ve told you the proof. Raid time is every single day so most people log on every day at the very least to check they’re not being raided. Anyone with a large amount of thralls will especially check every day because if they don’t they could lose all their thralls in a raid.

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the transparency adopted and the speed in repairing errors were excellent, all this leaves this company with positive points with its consumers, keep it up funcom, mistakes happen, few have the honor of exposing them


Unimpressed with the apology. Do better. How many hours of playtime were lost before you decided to roll back. Any heads up should of been given.

2x multiplier for pve doesn’t begin to make up for the time i lost this weekend.

I already own almost everything in the store, but you can absolutely bet, those are the last dollars i spend with Funcom.

Really, do better. These sort of decisions and apologies are why the gaming industry is in such a pathetic state.


I’m not your mom, but aim for Wednesdays. Thanks guys, hopefully this will help everybody chill tf out.


The fact that as a developer you are pledging to learn from this and test updates better and not release them on Fridays gives me a bit more confidence in future updates. Hopefully you follow through and this isn’t just ‘damage control’.

Thank you for handling this the right way given the circumstances.


Excellent! Thank you for the harvest boost and pledging to make changes to avoid this again.

Gearing up now to help people on our server build back from the rollback. We had some awesome new players join, so us oldies are going help them get going again.

I can say that this really brought out the best and worst in players. Thankfully our server rallied around the people who had losses and we are fixing them up better than before.


Not good enough. 48h lost is still 48h lost. Some boosting xp won’t do much. Totally disappointed.


Excellent plan. That you for drilling down into your systems and tweak for assurance.


Thank a lot, for once you take the best decision possible.


I am one tentatively retained Exile. Logging into 1501 and seeing the whole clan’s thralls and armor gone after YEARS of ‘work’ was surely a ‘flips desk’ moment for me. Sad for the folks who have to ‘re-grind’ two days effort, but appreciate the recognition that two days does not equivalate to years of effort across multiple servers.


Really good response.

Still think it would be a good ide to also implement a warning notification system for your launcher. Just so that you have a way to warn players before hand.

You knew that there was a risk of having to do a rollback over the weekend, having a warning might have lowered the amount of complaining we have seen here today.


Good job, FUNCOM!

Mistakes happen. Thank you for explaining the whole situation.

The way you handled this unfortunate event gives me hope about the future of the game.