A possible solution for players who lost their 3 days of gameplay!

I now it is hard and for me I lost 3 day’s of building my fortes and 3 thralls I manage to tame and level up to max lvl.

But i think we must be solidare with other ppl who invested in the game much more because we all are in the same cauldron were Funcom burns us so:

The Funcom need to compensate those players who played hard this 3 days, I know they chose the lesser evil but this does not free them from guilt towards the other half of the players.

Three solutions will be very adecvate here:

  1. Increase the rate of exp for thrall leveling for a period of time (better till 21 sept.) and then I tell increase I mean x10 min not duble or triple, so ppl can level up their thralls back.

  2. Increase the drop rates and and grind rates for a period of time, especially insecure the drop of scarps from Warmaker dungeon many player including me farmed them this 3 days and made armor for the thralls.

  3. Finally reduce the amount of exp needed for lvl up a thrall in general, if previously thrall leveling were much easier, today would be less complains about their loss!

  1. Refund game + crom coin purchases.

I want my Sorcery lvl max, Because I spent the whole weekend evolving sorcery, walking around the map, looking for parchment, EXP alone does not recover me.

But srsly those 4 pts should help.

How ever they must do something or they will lose the over part of player’s!

I somehow got my 2days loot back …and lost all the loot that i grind after that …i am not sure if its a glitch or the game didn’t save my 2 days progress …

When i lost my loot i was in wine seller doungen i didn’t die but i was fighting and my ps4 powdered off .i didn’t see my self dying but when i again came back all of my loot was gone …and i even tried to get my dead body back but couldn’t find it …then i grinding other things i even mange to convert the named thrall and make its lvl up to 11 …now today when i logged in all of my previous loot came back and new loot is gone :smiling_face_with_tear:

Brah …i just read the *Message Of The Day
and found out that it was admin doing (they rolled back about 2 days on sep 3 ) :rofl::rofl:
Well i am glad they did that …i spend so much time to craft the armor i lost …but now it came back to me :pleading_face:

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I also got a suggestion: How about you log in, and continue playing Conan Exiles.


Obviously, different jobs have different criteria. If you’re working in a nuclear missile silo, the consequences of your oops would be somewhat worse than if you accidentally delete some people’s progress in a video game. That’s why the personal consequences also need to be different.

I mean, if I make a translation error in a comedy TV series’s subtitling, the audience will go “boo hiss!”. No-one is hurt except my pride. But if a translator makes a mistake while translating a Japanese Premier’s press conference in 1945, 200,000 people die a messy death.

(Spoiler: Experts agree that there was no translation error. But the pesky urban myth still pops up from time to time, even in professional publications.)


Because gaming “industry” is not an “industry” but a scam, where scammers employ some hobbyists devs to make some product for them. Priority is not a good game but making money.

Just follow Baldurs Gate 3 drama where all AAA gaming companies spit and shit on it’s makers because BG3 is too good and it destroys all competition. So all the “AAA” companies already cry that BG3 is an “anomaly” and to not expect that upcoming games are going to match the level of BG3.

Games are sold in alpha or beta stage for full price and it’s a common practice for a long time now.
Why is this happening, ask the community, people pay for this shit so why would the producers bother.
We don’t even get “new” games anymore only clones, sequels and remakes, because making a “new” game is a risk and clones, remakes and sequels of once successful games do sell.


Any solution must be easily done and not dig into the coding (or server setting or compensation). Loot table drop rates are more imbedded in the coding.

I can attest to the quality of BG3, even on a PS5. Turn based RPGs aren’t my thing, but I opened an exception for this one. No regrets so far. Truly awesome game.


Funcom did what the plurality asked and for this they deserve only thanks! I do understand and respect the frustration of loosing progress especially on weekends! For everyone that’s complaining, your complain is right, nobody even the same company disagree in this matter. But it was really nice that they did what the plurality asked and very responsible that they did it on Sunday. They do not took lightly the situation even if it was an issue on “free to play servers”, because that’s what official servers are, free to play. For anyone disagree with that official servers are not for free, i don’t give economy lessons for free, i am not Funcom!
Without any further analysis, i volunteer to help pve PlayStation players to retrieve everything they lost and more.
If you wish my help tag me, say what you wish and i’ll jump to your server to help the soonest possible!
Until then, cheers!


Some x3 Thrall XP until Monday 18 would be nice.
It would totally refund people of what they lost.

Maybe they could add some Farm Rate x2, as an addition.

It’s a Larian game so the attention to detail in writing the world, the characters and the choices you can make was to be expected.

It’s a Larian game so the frustration caused by game-breaking, progress-stopping bugs, as well as a large number of more minor annoyances (such as my romance partner being invisible during the romance scene!) was to be expected, too. Sure, they’ve fixed most of the worst ones now, which is considerably faster than with Divinity: Original Sin 2. I guess a bigger budget, and a bigger audience with bigger expectations, can help there.

Oh, and on my second playthrough I’m so going to play as a halfling. I’m totally tired of rolling 1’s. But I guess it’s telling something that I’ve already decided to play it at least for a second time, despite not yet finishing the first.

It’s funny if AAA studios are envious of BG3’s success. If they spent less money on marketing and building hype, and more on actually developing the game - and of course, interacting with their player base during the process - their games might be more successful, too.

But they’re probably right about it being an anomaly. A lot of Baldur’s Gate 3’s success is thanks to it being Baldur’s Gate. If they had released the exact same game as Divinity: Original Sin 3, it would’ve sold only a fraction of what it did.

As for whether it’s a “good” game - that’s a matter of taste, of course. Everyone has their own opinions on what makes a good game. But what’s important is that it’s a successful game, and showing the video games industry that the AAA studios’ way is not the only right way, or necessarily even the right way, of making games. A bit like the original Witcher (who had ever heard of CD Projekt Red before that?), which didn’t have the advantage of riding on the fame of a legendary title. (Sorry, Mr. Sapkowski. Despite what you’d like to believe, you were not a world-famous fantasy author before the game series.)


So far I didn’t have problems. :blush:
I do prefer action rpgs, though. Turn based aren’t definitely my thing. It has been years sonce I played my last. Probably years will pass until I play my next one. :smile:

Maybe PS gets a more polished version than PC once in a generation. I’m happy for you.

And I much prefer turn-based (or real-time-with-pause tactical RPGs, like the original Baldur’s Gates) to action RPGs because I suck at action RPGs. Conan Exiles is one of the few I was determined enough to learn, because it’s Conan.

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Well, then BG3 is right up your alley., @Kapoteeni . Turn based allow for great tactics.
I’m still in the first act, so there’s plenty of room for bugs to be found. So far, none. :blush:

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Been waiting for bg3 for xbox,it looks very good,but with starfield tomorrow ill be busy for a while,conan on both my servers has been unplayable anyway, froze on siptah and exiles is like Tokyo, the lag is unbearable!

Lowering the amount of XP it takes to level thralls would be a good start regardless of the weekend issue. Personally I don’t think we need any compensation besides what they have already done, but that’s just my opinion.

A while back, thralls required double the amount of XP they do now. They eventually decided that was too much, and they halved it!

Since AoW they have lowered the amount of XP you get from pretty much everything, this effectively makes the time it takes to level a thrall similar to that of the old system. They’ve basically done a big ole loop in terms of how long it takes to level a thrall, which makes no sense, especially since they seem to be pushing the idea that thralls are replaceable.

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Maybe I’m not understanding your logic here but how is waiting longer to do a rollback (in any scenario) better?

The longer you wait, the more people have to lose.

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