The Rollback coulda been done differently

I dont get to play alot and was looking foward to a long weekend to get some time into game. For the past 2 days Ive spent alota time in game just to lose it all. Im very frustraded i dont even know where to start back now. Ive logged in and outta game at least 6 times in the past couple hours trying to find where to begin going back to where i was before this rollback. Ive been playing these type of games for 30 years plus now (yes im old) and i know there is a better way to fix the missing thralls without deleting 2 days of some peoples hard work to progress in the game. Its been done so dont say it cant be. I mean besides dang near the whole base i built up the last 2 days and all the time ive spent getting my sorcery up and knowlwdge points up etc ive lost alota my thralls. You gonna give them back? Are yall gonna roll back your pay and work for free for 2 days or better yet how bout refunding back money for people who dont wanna play anymore

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Game has a database with items/thralls/everything else in it probably.
They did a rollback so they had a backup and therefore the state of that db before the incident.
You have the state of the db after the incident and the event logs.
Just check for those people who got decayed thralls in that day before the server setting was changed. Then restore the thralls from the backup’s database.

Why people say “oh rollback only solution! Only!”? It’s because they don’t know or they are accustomed to this low-effort service FC provides.

Yes rollback is a easy quick fix no effort was put into trying to find a better way. Hell one thing that would have been nice was to announce in game when you log in on the server message that there might be a rollback. I mean i woulda been a little bummed out cause wouldnt of played alot but i wouldnt so discouraged to play still like i am now

Yes, you are correct about the way a database works, but the issue at hand is more complicated than a simple db fix applied to only specific players considering we’re talking about objects that were placed in different map locations and each one has a unique set of stats/gear/etc.

A rollback to a previous known good save state in this case is going to be MUCH simpler than any alternative. However; what they should have done differently (IMHO) is they should have initiated the rollback IMMEDIATELY after realizing their mistake instead of waiting a few days. That would have mitigated the damage quite effectively, and they wouldn’t have to deal with a whole new set of people being mad at them for erasing their progress over the past cpl of days that they spent deciding what to do about it.

I honestly feel bad for these devs because they still get hammered with criticism even when they doing things right and that’s probably what made them hesitate. To all the Funcom haters out there: I recommend that you guys go play on a SCUM server (or better yet - try and host one) for a while and see what bad game development REALLY looks like. You will come crawling back with a whole new appreciation of Conan/Funcom. That’s all I gotta say.

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I have played scum didnt really care for it. But it also doesnt take alota time to build up in that game unlike conan. i coulda rebuilt what ever i had lost in scum within a few hours

Another low effort thing they should have done.

FC is at fault here. Criticism well deserved. Whether it’s the actual game devs, some admins, higher ups, etc. I don’t know.

You’re right - the onus is of course on Funcom here, regardless. I’m just saying that they are obviously listening to the community this time, and they’re trying to actually do something about it - unlike some other developers I’ve dealt with in the past. Humans make mistakes. It’s part of being human. At least these guys can admit to it and they’re trying to do something about theirs. Compared to what they did the last time a mistake was made: this course of action was definitely a better call than the last one they made of simply “boosting” the resource gain for a while and calling it a day so at least we can see that there is some improvement going on here, and that they’re actually listening to their community feedback.

Now they just need to work on taking action QUICKER and making better plans for situations like this in the future. Despite the mess that this fiasco has created, I can see that there’s at least some progress being made here and there’s at least a bit of light shining through at the end of this currently dark and scary tunnel so lets not overreact here (as it seems to be the popular thing to do these days) and try to look at the bright side of things for a change.

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For me they are literally on the worse tier service. And I play some pretty obscure MMORPGs.

Id be semi ok with the rollback if they would give a boost in Resources and thrall xp but it would have to be a timed thing per account cause like after tonight i cant play alot. i work 16 hour days 6 days a week so if you did if for a few days people like me would miss out also as for thrall xp would have to be like a potion or something cause i would have to get the thralls that i lost on rollback to lvl up again not just the ones i still got that lost levels

I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a weekend boost to harvest rates and xp or something. This was their “fix” the last time. I’d suggest remaining calm, do what you can with what you have right now, and wait and see. They posted in the login message that they’ll try to figure out what to do next. That seems like a logical next step.

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