Regarding Thrall Decay timers on Official servers - UPDATED

Hello everyone,

A quick update on the situation with lost Thralls on official servers that many of you have been experiencing. There was an error when updating the Summer decay timers which regrettably reduced Thrall decay timers to 1 day instead of the usual values. This has now been fixed and official servers have been triggered for a restart so the correct settings are picked up.

We are actively discussing the follow-up actions to rectify this as best as we possibly can. We will let you know as soon as we have an update on this.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Sunday, September 3rd at 21:26 CEST

Greetings Exiles,

Following yesterday’s issue with the incorrect Thrall decay timer, we will roll the official Exiled Lands servers back to the backup from Friday, September 1st. This will undo any progress made on the official servers since then but will restore the lost Thralls.

While not ideal, given the time and hard-earned companions that players have lost, we feel that this is the best course of action to rectify the negative effects of this situation.

We are finalizing the necessary preparations to ensure that everything goes smoothly. The process will begin shortly, and we will update everyone as soon as it is complete.

We appreciate your fortitude and understanding during this time.

Thank you!


no discussion needed @Ignasi .

roll the servers back


I know you probably have the option on the table already, but please consider doing a rollback and expediting it while the impact on those who didn’t lose anything is still minimal.


For the love of Crom, just roll the servers back please.


Nothing is off the table at the moment and all options are being considered.
We’re waiting for the rest of the team to evaluate the situation and course of action and take a decision.
For that we’ll very likely have to wait until Monday once all the team is back.

We’ll keep you updated on any news we have about this.


Roll the servers back, please.

100’s upon 100’s of hours wasted.

This is DIRECTLY after the Nemedian bug that deleted entire bases.

It’s like you are actively trying to get your player base to quit.



Why is this even a discussion?

Fix what you broke!


I can understand that rollbacks are not something to be taken lightly, and the number of people negatively affected by them has to be carefully considered - which is why not rolling back for the Nemedian disaster was probably the correct choice.

However, I think the number of people affected by this and the losses accrued has met such a threshold. Waiting until Monday to do a rollback will only make the situation significantly worse. If a rollback is to be done, it needs to be done as soon as possible.


Tudo bem aguardando mas muitas teorias virão por que tem muita gente que não entra no fórum… Lembrando pessoal que também existe servidores privados abertos para todos :grinning:



A roll back is the only option, nothing else can make up for the hundreds to thousands of hours invested into this game for the player base. Who have lost the hardest commodity to gain on this game.


evaluate what? that people lost thralls and gear? some non obtainable any more?

is not a person in charge to take matters under his own decision when things need fast decisions? u have no leader in ur team @ fc @Ignasi ?


No, it definitely was not the correct choice.

Some people lost everything in their base because they bought that DLC, and made a base of nemedian materials, and a rollback should have happened.

This company seems to be terrified of any rollback, even when it’s the only option that exists to not lose tons of players.


Vai ser a famosa “segunda feira brava” XD :sweat_smile: mas espero que resolva o rollback vai ser longo… Era melhor fazer WIPE e avisar geral aqui que vai ter menos trabalho com esse rollback

Last time you did this it happened on the weekend also, why do you continue to make these changes when there will be nobody in house that can make a damn decision to fix the mess.


The fact is due to someones negligence we all lost irreplaceable items, thralls and pets.

You waited until a weekend to force a server update, and now we have to wait until MONDAY when everyone decides to mosey on into the office to fix this to tell us without a doubt it’s been too long to roll back the servers.

If you have people in the office who are capable to change server settings then you have people in there now to do a roll back on servers.

Pre-nerfed gear, siptah pets and thralls on EL, it’s all gone because someone on your team can’t read. Honestly a joke.


it was the wrong decision. and considering the amount of time taken them to decide what to do, the whole teams reaction on that matter was one of the worst i have ever seen upon a matter that was clearly their mistake.

they need to address such serious things faster and with the playerbase in mind…

we all can understand that mistakes can be made, but the compensation that they should apply UPON any mistake they make should be at least equal to the dmg taken .
as u can see the “mistakes” do not end (for me personally was not a mistake , but an intentional act , and if it goes unpunished , i will reconsider my reactions towards FC in the near future).

cause with these SERIOUS “MISTAKES” today its me , tomorrow will be u. name a reason i should invest in thralls , or purge anymore? to loose em in a mistake?

and keep in mind this is the second time thralls get deleted in this game…
the 1st time was when they decided to apply food on them WITHOUT informing the playerbase properly…

so lets hope for a rollback at least


Rolling the servers back is the only honorable thing to do. If FunCom cares about the goodwill of their customers, stretching forward into future purchases, they will roll them back.



They need to STOP doing major changes on the weekend or right before a holiday, or whatever would have people out of the office for a few days.

Make major changes when you have the staff on hand AND DOUBLE CHECK YOUR WORK.


I understand that rolling back the servers may not be possible due to the number of officials, and the requirements for doing so. At the very least, increase the named thrall spawns significantly, and increase the XP for leveling by a min of 5X, for the three weeks or until Ch 2 launches. And try not to cause another problem with that.

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