Regarding Thrall Decay timers on Official servers - UPDATED

nope. solution not acceptable. i have thralls obtained in purges . unique ones , thralls brought up from ios when the transfers were active… how they will replenish those?

rollback is the only option that is at least acceptable , and it needs to be done fast.


As well they should be. Rollbacks are a serious matter. Don’t forget that while you’re here screaming about lost thralls and demanding a rollback, there are others who just now managed to acquire that rare item they’ve been looking for for over a week. Or that just spent the last six hours completing a rather impressive build that they wish to show off in the coming weeks or months. Or that just started playing and have only now managed to figure out how to build a small hut to take shelter in.

They may not even be aware that there is a problem, and as horribly as you feel about losing your thralls, they are going to feel the exact same way when all of the progress that they have made during this time gets wiped out.

The more time that goes by, the more of these people will be affected and the greater the losses will be. A rollback must either happen very soon or not at all. Either way, they’re going to be hurting somebody. An unfortunate but unavoidable consequence of mistakes like this.

EDIT: One further note. Depending on when their backup images are made, you may very well not get everything back. Instead of being sent back to just before the big event happened, you might be sent back to three weeks ago. Keep that in mind.


It’s not just exp and the thralls.

The hours and hours of farming to put them in gear has to be considered.

We lost 140 leveled thralls. 90+ were in all epic/legendary armor. The shear amount of materials and farm time will not be balanced by a paltry exp/spawn boost.

A roll back is the only thing that will save face with this falling on the heels of the nemedian debacle.


with the rate serious “mistakes” r made on FC’s side, it is just a matter of time untill their rare item will also be lost upon some change that will be a “mistake” on some weekend…

but what u mention is the main reason the rollback needs to take place NOW and not beeing discussed for a week or two…

@Ignasi hope u realise that also…


BS, there is no other proper option then to ROLL BACK THE SERVERS!!!


if i will be sent three weeks ago , this clearly means that they do not have the capapbility or mentality to hit a backup BEFORE ANY update …

i want to believe there is not a single serious programmer that has not think of that in a company as FC/ tencent…

if btw this is a real thing , i am giving money on the wrong gaming company…

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I have an idea… How about you guys ROLL BACK THE SERVERS !!!


And all the Re-Birth Potions used to get them all the best Feats. I even had Bearers loaded with gear in case my base decayed (because you all had it set up where the bases decay first … then the thralls decay a few days later). Now we are screwed if the bases AND thralls both decay at the same time.

Rollback please.


Well, all of our thralls had top tier gear and legendaries. Not to mention the ones that are no longer around.

So, you can either prepare for no rollback or reduced training time. Or you can quit.

I don’t see a rollback happening, especially since they are waiting until Monday.

We will continue. We will start training again. We did it when leveling became a thing. We’ll do it again.

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sry , i evaluate my time and effort way more than taking bs from a company that treats customers like that…

for me personally , if there is not a rollback its the end of CE. Many unique items will be gone,not mention what i invested in time (which was my decision) , but affected or not i will just quit the game . cause who knows what will be the next major “mistake” that will cost me the same? why invest in a buyer with major “mistakes” but not proper compensation? i will prefer to go elsewhere.

reduced training time , or increased spawn rate is not an option… they could roll back and then have the increased spawned rate for the ones who will affected by rollback negativelly (like if they got their super rare thrall right now) , so noone looses…
they need to carefully pick what they will do and the decision needs to be taken really fast…


I shook my magic 8-ball, asking if a rollback would happen
“My sources say no”

So we’ll get placated with maybe an increased spawn rate and some bump in gather rates - because that fixes everything.


The response is too slow. They should move more quickly. There is no merit in taking time on this matter.


nope. not an acceptable solution… shove ur magic ball somewhere and respect ur efforts or self more

I think you missed the point of my post was high sarcasm


i indeed missed that. i am apologising for that. i am sorry


I’ve spent, in real time, many, many hours accruing my now lost T4 L20 thralls. The mats and expertise/dungeon crawling required to make their armor, the time spent raising up other thralls to acquire the Legendary weapons/armor now lost, and then there is the time spent raising up my L20 thralls themselves. Pretty sure the 24 hours or so of real time lost does not compare. Also, I want my damn house cats back.


It would probably shock you to learn just how common it is for backup procedures to be sorely lacking in IT departments, no matter the size of the company.

An easy way to score points with your boss (and consequently probably wind up with a lot of extra responsibility) is to mention that the most important part of backups is making sure that you can actually use them to restore the servers if something goes wrong.

If there is no rollback, there is no reason to capture, train and equip new thralls, if it can be lost at any time due to third-party fault. So don’t even come up with something like an event, higher level rate, more rare thrall spawn. :upside_down_face:


A string of errors:

1- Entrusting an extremely critical server mass configuration process (decay setup) to someone who clearly wasn’t even remotely prepared for it (those who administer private servers know exactly what happened).
2- Running an automated configuration process for all official servers over a weekend, knowing that any issues that might arise would inevitably be postponed until Monday, even by us, mere players.
3- Not having anyone monitoring, even in a minimal sample, the actual outcome of the mass update process executed.

Just one of these factors being considered could have prevented the entire issue.


my opinion wont change though… if they did not manage to convince their boss about that , or the boss did not listened to them , then my money do not belong to this boss pockets…

so they better pick a good solution (the ONLY solution for me)

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