Can I suggest you rchange/add your Steam review to be negative until they correct the thrall issue

Having a mostly negative recent review would have a much larger impact on them correcting this thrall issue then anything we do here.

If they actually correct it then change your review back to positive. Very few people ever take this route.

You do realize this will cause the rating to become more positive right? Steam has anti-review bomb methods in place. It will simply remove your rating (permanently) from that game’s tallies.

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Because it’s a bad idea.

Seems like they’re working well for overwatch 2.

Can I suggest writing reviews only when your emotional state is in such an equilibrium that you are able to review the product, rather than just the single isolated event that triggered the agitated emotional state?

Feel free to rant when you’re upset. That’s fine. But organizing a review-bombing campaign in the heat of the moment is not something I would encourage.

I’m not sure who’s organizing review “bombs”, but they are 100% at fault for the reviews they’re going to receive. Part of me wants to see how far i can go after them for this. Losing 2 days of progress when i sank considerable hours in, is an absolute betrayal of my trust in them, as a consumer.

The OP of this thread.

“Losing 2 days of progress when i sank considerable hours in, is an absolute betrayal of my trust in them, as a consumer.”

You can’t possibly be this selfish and shortsighted.

All I can hope is that by the time the next bug comes around that causes people to lose years of work and irreplaceable items, by then you’ll have played long enough to understand what it’s like.
2 afternoons of gameplay is a fart in the wind compared to what most veteran players lost.

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You seem to like to ignore what i’m saying in favour of some imaginary ultimatum. The choice they had before them wasn’t Roll back or leave it. It was roll back or a nuanced solution, leaving it was a death sentence. They chose to roll back and in turn betray their current player base who believed the time they spent in game would be persistent, and it was not.


Also, to call me selfish to expect my time spent in a persistent world to be persistent is pretty a pretty low bar for what one should expect from a company selling a product.

Are you employed at Funcom ?
Have you worked with database recovery for MMO’s ?

You keep talking about this " roll back vs nuanced solution" as if they had some big red button saying “bring back all lost thralls and keep every other changes” and they meticulously just choose not to press it just to screw with PVP people.

What you are asking for, is most likely something which would take weeks and cost a ton of dev money. While still carry a huge risk of additional bugs.

What happed was shit, but they did the right thing.

They don’t have a button, they’re developers. They make the button. A solution was needed, but this is a slap in the face to the people who did actually play their game this weekend.

Like others have pointed out in other threads, programming is not magic.

What you are asking is not easily feasible, and would not be worth it.

And with Funcoms track record of introducing bugs when they try to fix things. The last thing you would want them to do, is to mess around with the database files.

If i was a betting man i would put the odd at 9 to 1, that we would need a complete server reset because of corrupted saves, if anyone at funcom tried to mess with the database files.

Yeah, devs that are already in a crunch suddenly creating a magic script that parses petabytes of database backup to extract dozens of variables including thrall type/level/name/stats/perks/gear/emotes/behavior/position and then injecting that data into hundreds of live servers is a “possible, nuanced solution” :roll_eyes:

You guys really need to stop and think about how ridiculous what you are saying is.

With this widespread catastrophic loss for all players on all platforms, a complete rollback was the only sane solution. The only tragedy is that they did it two days too late and everyone - not just you - lost a couple afternoons of gameplay. This is still by far the lesser of two evils.
Hopefully they will give you guys something to compensate for your time lost.

I know people have very little faith in them as programmers, and understandably so as they seem to be unable to revert something they’ve done every other year without issue (Summer decay timers).

To say though, that it’s an impossibly difficult task shows me that the people arguing against it have never done it, and do not understand it. I work with complex databases on a daily basis, and often do recovery with them with data mangled in ways that pain me to remember. Disagree if you like, but I have first hand knowledge of how this goes. That’s why you deter the task to make it more manageable. Then noone loses long term, it’s just a short term hiccup and things are restored without -any- data loss.


And it’s worth adding, the data i’m recovering, is often very sensitive and requires recovery, where here they’re making the call that the data (our time) is of no value.

This entire debacle occured because they screwed up changing one single value in a database.
Your proposed “solution” would entail coding a complex magic script that injects hundreds of thousands of entries into live servers instead?


a magic script lol, yes, something that looks for thralls that expired on a single day, fetches any inventory bindings and re-creates them. Magic indeed.

There are dozens of database entries for every single thrall dealing with appearance, stats, name, position, perks, gear, behavior, etc.
Multiply that by dozens of thralls per player.
Hundreds of active players per server.
Hundreds of official servers.

What could possibly go wrong?

I’m honestly having a hard time deciding if you’re actually serious or this is some kind of elaborate troll.

Have you ever moved an entry/object from a database, to another identical database? It’s much simpler than you think.

Well what type of database are you working with, and what type of database if Funcom using ?
What method implementing the backups have they used ?

If you are working with very sensitive data, then it has most likely been implemented with a high flexibility regarding recovery in mind.

You do not know how there database looks or how easy it would be to implement what you are asking.

From the frequent shit storms there are after each update they make, I feel pretty certain that their code base is a dumpster fire.

But if you feel so certain that it would be easy, then ask them if you can’t fix it for them. Because I have 0% faith in their ability to do what your asking in such a short time span.

You’re right, i don’t know what they’re using for data basing, but my point, is that a roll back was -certainly- not the only option. It was just the easy one, and for everyone here arguing that it’s not disrespectful of players time, you’re just making excuses for why you’re happy they rolled back. It’s still a garbage move.