Good job Funcom

The thrall issue was bad. Definitely needed a solution.

The one you chose however, just wasted my weekend. I don’t get a lot of ‘free weekends’ that i can just burn in this game.

So i was very happy with the progress i’d made on my pve bases design.
Just to login today and see you guys decided my time and everyone elses was worth less than a couple days for you to build a script to recover the lost thralls and restore them in a non-damaging method.

If you’re going to make the argument that can’t be done, you’re incompetent.
If you’re going to make the argument that it’s more difficult, you’re right.

But when your dev team makes a mistake, sometimes there’s a cost behind that. To avoid getting review bombed (from both ends of the thrall problem now) sometimes it’s worth eating a few dev hours to fix things properly.

I’m really blown away by your lack of respect for our time. You’re an absolutely disgusting company.


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