Purge completed after game crashes

I’m playing on an official server, I put a week of work into playing so I can get purged. I get purged its a thrall purge. I’m excited I go get my truncheon to start knocking thralls out, I get down to where I’m being purged complete the first wave and drag the thrall back to my base to start the second wave. As soon as I start attacking the second wave of thralls the game crashes for some odd reason. I log back in and it says I’ve completed the purge, thanks Funcom. It’s things like this that make me want to stop playing your game and I have 2k hours. Fix your game!

Again with the exact same post?

Thanks a lot for your reply I appreciate all the feedback you wrote. And for one I completely agree on everything you stated. It seems like Funcom just wants to make as much money as possible before their game dies off, which is fine but when I have invested this much time into their game when I quit I will not be coming back to be dicked around for a longer period of time to see the same bugs and ongoing issues continue. Thanks again and take care!

I’ve never posted about this happening so I’m assuming you are saying this is a continued issue.

I was referring to the post above mine that has been removed. It was being spammed across multiple threads.

Oh gotcha, I had no idea. Thank you for the clarification. Take care.

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