Out of Purge Hours purge


Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: US

So yesterday on 9/14/2018 I logged out at 10:15pm which is 15min after purge hours since they are supposed to be from 6pm to 10pm On our server. After taking a break I logged back in at 10:45pm only to hear and see a notification saying a purge had ended and destroyed some structures around my clans Telith Island area base. How was this even possible? I stayed on the whole afternoon to make sure I could defend against a purge, but I cant do that if they are happening when they are not supposed to during non purge hours.

Also, My thralls keep having low hp upon server reset or no one being around the area. Tired of having to spend 30-40mins prior to raiding hours standing by my thralls for their health meter to go back up. yet another annoying bug that I have to log on to deal with.

Please get rid of bugs like this asap Funcom. I cant be online 24hrs a day to protect my base. people have lives. Thank you.


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