I am Getting 3-4 Purges Per week

Hi, Funcom thanks for fixing some the other Bugs. I know is being Very busy. But Problem I am Having I get attack by Purges 3-4 times a week. Now I like Purges is Fun fight Baddies. Sometimes I even get 2 Bosses & nearly 100 regular adds that Attack me. Well that ok anyways My Thralls Surprisingly helping better. Is it Normal have so many Purges in Week.? BTW I play in 1507 & I like have Solo Clan. I do get now others help me with Purges & Vice Versa. but seems i’m lucky one get so many. Other Players in Same Server don’t get them as much I do. LOL it is funny be that Special. Thanks for reading. Peace

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My bar is full 3 weeks now and… Nothing

Hi, if ur on a Official server, and playing solo, don’t make yourself into a clan, and if playing solo and no clan, build more buildings, and if on Private Server or Singleplayer, one or more of your Purge settings may be wrong :slight_smile:

Γi play solo pve-c and no clan

Hi, is it an Official pve-c?If it is just try to make a bigger base ,more buildings

If possible, make sure your active during raid times, this will up your chances

Thank input everyone… I have massive building by now. is ok Purge i tend to like. but I do ratter be Solo in official Servers. I just wanted mention I get Purge out. maybe this helps funcom. Like I said I play in 1507 is Official. if i’m in solo mode i can handle purge that much since i can use God mode… hehehehe ;). Pointer’s are greatly appreciated. Happy hunting Exiles.

Man, it took me months! (Not kidding) to get my first purge. Then I got another straight away, the moment my bar got full, and now nothing again.

I was so happy when I finally got purged! Now back to leaving the game running, and checking every now and then in case I get purged.

Right on Bro welcome War In Exiles. keeps me Busy Busy.

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