Did purges get fixed in update?

Can anyone comment if purges are back to normal?

I haven’t had a purge in my game for 2years now. The bar moves then one day magically resets.

Not complaining less work for me to defend just curious.

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So far my purge bar is moving and staying but I haven’t had a purge yet.

Before 2.3 I would basically play all weekend and have my purge 3/4 full but it would disappear during the work week for no reason. If i didn’t log on for a day it would be completely gone.

So it will be nice to get a purge again even though the worker thralls are useless.

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I’ve had a purge for every time the bar has filled since the update; however, they have all had the issue of starting and then immediately stopping before a countdown to start could even appear. They did this several times before properly commencing (at an earlier time than the server stated), except for the last one I had which started after 30mins of doing that, followed by commencing and then stopping during the first wave.

Something is screwed with the Purge for sure.

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2 years ??? sounds like the purge is turned off on the server. Playing on an official PVP server and we get purged every time the meter fills no issues on either this update or last other than one wave playing hide and seek around the purge area over in the jungle but other than the Ape Escape purge nothing strange.

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Purges are on. It’s an Official server. But seems PvEc servers have more than their shares of issues for some reason. :man_shrugging:


Get ya a clan m8 somehow. 2 people in a clan and purge meter works. They are still effed up though. I imagine this might be hard to track down for funcom and it may never go away like many other problems still exist with new ones added since I started playing a couple years ago.

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I saw this comment in a different thread and it got me thinking… If renaming clans can reset the purge meter. Could there be a connection when loading in the server?

It takes make anywhere from 5mins to 20mins some days to load everything in my base. During this time if I look at the players on line list everyone’s clan name is the same.

Wish I could think if the name right now haven’t played Conan in a while :confused:

Just a thought…

what you are seing is a “placeholder” while your computer loads all the assets , so I don’t think there is a connection here , but yes it’s something in the lines of thegreatspiderclan ( I know it’s not exactly this name but it’s close enough :stuck_out_tongue: )

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@SindeeSyringe ,Day 3 of the update me and my clan mates started in @sestus2009 private pve c server .We had to play a bit pve before we start PvP again . It is a beautiful server , a fast one and since they are PvP players they didn’t wanted to play on my official pve . Anyway the next day we accept a purge from Lemurians . It was my first Lemurian purge ever , imagine that the last 2+ years I builded in jungle a lot and all I had was the damn ape purge , omg . The purge lasted about 45 min , the spawn was normal , meaning I didn’t had spawns inside my building , generally it was a really smooth purge that worked excellent . I don’t know if the purge was so good because of the fact that the server was private and officials are old servers , but if am not mistaken this server is a very old server too . Sestus is one of the oldest Conan ps4 players I know , he plays this game since day 1 and if I remember correctly his server has almost the same age . I am really sure my dear friend will correct me if I am wrong .

About the fact of pve c PS4 official servers EU , they are disgusting . People have builded relentlessly and I hate even the idea to play in there . It is very easy to throw it on Funcom , because it has no building limits etc … Sometimes however all we have to blame is the man in the mirror :wink:


@stelagel purge is set to 4 to get more human purges with named thralls.

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@sestus2009 ,That doesn’t change the fact that it run perfect , isn’t it ?

We have been up since shortly after the game came out and found out how some private server’s were. Plus back then your body would not be visible to you had to have a partner find it and flail away with a pick or something to find it. Server disappeared earlier today My guess Gportal putting in updates. Lost server on last round of updates.

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@sestus2009 ,I am pretty sure you’ll find the way to bring it back :wink:, you are far experienced in these things .

Oh it’s back logging in soon

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Ok so an update for official PS4 server that I play on. I was playing quite a bit throughout the weekend (Got my purge 3/4 full) and when the work week showed up, my time was more limited.

Work week - Purge Bar was 3/4 full

Day 1
I was not able to log in day 1.

Day 2
Since I was not able to log in the first day of the work week and I lost a little more than a 1/4 of my purge bar when I logged in on day 2. My play time was aprox 1.5 - 2 hours.

Day 3
Logged in and lost more of my purge bar not quite 1/4 but pretty close. Play time was about 1 - 1.5 hours.

Day 4
Had a good 3 - 4 hours of game time but again lost more of my purge bar as I had to log in later than I normally do. My purge bar was just shy of 1/4 full but with today’s game time, I was able to raise it up pretty good. Almost at half as a clan member was playing as well.

Day 5
Another day I wasn’t able to play because of other daily life schedules.

Weekend login,
Lost my entire purge meter progress. Now I have to start over again. But I did notice that the first part of the purge meter raises pretty quickly but once it gets to the 1/4 - halfway point it really starts to slow down. So no purge yet again. (not that purge thralls do anything anymore) but it’s nice to get some new named purge fighters or archers to build or different named worker thralls (too bad they all look alike).

Anyone else notice anything like this?

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