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My purge meter keeps resetting on my rented server. Seems to happen after a server restart.

I’ve had two previous purges, and I know of two other players who’ve had one on my server. But even before the last patch the meter started resetting. I was hoping the update would fix it, but sadly not.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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They are going to tell you…
“They know about the problem, and are working on it”


@Andy being that it’s your server while you’re online change your purge setting from 42,000 to 8,000 or less and you will get some purges that is what I do on my server. Normally leave it set at 20,000 when I am not on.

I think it’s happening also on official server after last patch on PS4. i’m not playing so much in theis period, but I noticed that everytime I log in the bar is again to 0

Thanks for the tip. I changed it to 12000 yesterday, and it’s now a gnats wingspan from the trigger line. Fingers crossed it should trigger this evening.

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GLAD to hear that.

If you are offline on
Server the bar will go down due to
Inactivity and thus no bug but

Ps I don’t mess with private this I
Can’t help

How is your purge working now?

Ah, thanks, I didn’t know that. I’m on most days, but might miss one after a heavy day at work. :hot_face:

Thanks, it triggered and attacked one of my map-rooms.

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Good to hear have fun. Level 4 purge better chance to get thralls rather than monsters.

It’s one of the things that works better in single player than online; purges online have always been a bit wonky (sandstorms too, but that’s something else). With SP, the meter never rewinds because you’re never actually inactive.

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