Purge metre going backwards again

Game mode: [Online | pve server 3961
Problem: bug
Region: oceania

Noticed last night that my purge metre which was almost to the first line again has drained nearly completely away. Did not get a purge while offline I checked the event log. I’ve played since console release and only ever received one purge. It’s a pretty big bug especially on pve servers as its such an important part of the content. Please keep working on the purge. The idea is fantastic but it’s just not implemented very well at all at the moment.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


My purge line likes to get me excited… Will get to halfway… then just die there. Sit there for days… then start to go away again. I log on almost everyday. I have built bases and killed a lot of Mobs. Doesn’t seem to move line much. Mine used to move… many updates ago. I used to get a good Purge once a month or so and a few crazy times multiples in a week. Its all a distant memory. I’ve had one purge since last Halloween. That was months ago.

The purge meter only grows when you and your clan mates are actively engaged in eligible practices. Building, killing, farming. If you are offline the meter drops. If you’re inactive or playing inventory management simulator 2.0, your purge meter will drop. Taking any lengthy break can empty a purge meter fast. It’s an intended function to send the purge to active players and clans. Stay active, stay killing, stay dominating and be rewarded with a glorious purge.


That’s the thing I’ve been on for at least 3-4 hrs a day building t3 and cleaning out Sep city. Not sure if that counts as active enough or not. Come to think of it the only purge I’ve ever had I was on all weekend. Maybe I’m not active enough. Food for thought…

I’ve given up on getting a purge ever again.
I can murder the entire map and build t3 all over the place and it barely reaches half.
If I don’t log on for a day it’s almost empty.
I’ve been on the server since launch, I don’t want to build a t3 fortress every day.
I have been purged once since last September and that was offline.
I honestly don’t know why so much effort has been put into this mechanic when it seems like funcom don’t want anyone to experience it.


There could be a bug with your meters if what you’re describing is accurate. I fill the meter to the first line about once a week. I play evening on weekdays and a good share of the day on the weekends. I can usually fill the meter to half way on the weekend after a purge and then it takes the rest of the week to fill it the rest of the way.

Usually get a purge Friday or Saturday.

The meter barley drops for me when I’m offline but I am online every afternoon and active 90% of the time.

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@Wak4863 - thank you for the succinct & complete explanation of factors affecting the purge that many of us are (mostly) unaware.
I have only had 2 purges since beginning PvE on #3731 last Nov - both were just a few weeks ago after a major patch & both within a week or two. I play 20-30 hours of CE per week, but sometimes not as actively killing & building. I did note that I’d been expanding my most northern base near the Temple of Frosty Bits which made my purge meter climb. I also believe purges are supposed to be more common &/or severe further north. However, both purges occurred when I was offline (by only an hour or so) with none of the alleged warnings I believe we’re still supposed to receive… so I’m still looking forward to fighting off a purge & possibly capturing some good thralls.

First I love the purge it’s so much fun and it brings resources and thralls straight to your door. It’s like a free delivery service. I’m going to dribble on for a bit here hopefully it will be helpful it certainly won’t be succinct lol.

@Catspaw I’m guessing you are playing on an official server if so this would apply to you.

Check your server setting for purge times. Most official are from 6p - 10p in whatever time zone the server is on. I play on an east coast server so it comes between 4p - 8p local time.

Warnings only come when you are getting purged and you have 10 minutes to prepare. Once that 10 minutes is up you have your first wave. Be aware that if you teleport during the count down your timer may be wrong, there’s a bug where the timer restarts when you use the map. The purge can last up to 45 minutes. The purge is set to 7 so you can receive level 1-7. One being the least difficult and 7 being the most difficult. I love 7’s :heart_eyes: they are tons of fun.

Offline purges can happen when you log out before purge time is over and you have crossed the first line. The server will randomly select clans to be purged based on eligibility (the first line in the meter) if you’re the only one eligible you’ll get the purge right away.

When you cross the first line you should plan to stay online during the purge time so that you can defend your base and gain all the glory of crush the various waves of purge enemies.

Locations can send you higher tier purges but you are always eligible to get a low level purge in a high level place.

The faster you kill the waves the more waves you can get. This is extremely useful when you get a purge where NPC’s come because you have more chances to spawn named NPC’s. Between wave you get a 1 minute count down to regroup and hopefully move thralls to the wheel.

Spawn areas can be a bit buggy. When you see a wave spawn try to vacate that area before your 1 minute timer runs out. The hope is that the server chooses that place to spawn the next wave. If you’re standing there it will likely spawn somewhere else.

Spawning inside bases is a real thing so be prepared for it. I have fought 7 waves of thralls on my roof as well as monsters in one of my building in the volcano.

Here’s a link to my roof purge. https://youtu.be/fIDCkXM4GsY

Be prepared for anything I have fought everything from imps to king crocs, undead dragons, baby dragons followed by the frost dragon. The frost dragon was one of my favs.


The baby hyena purges are terrifying.


Every purge is different. I call BS on the activity measure. Sure its SUPPOSED to work this way, but it simply doesn’t for everyone. I play almost daily. I’m talking I take maybe 1 or 2 days off from it a week. I recently built a massive castle in a couple weeks and it never went above half. During that time I was also actively catching thralls and clearing out villages to collect for a religion altar. I also, killed 20+ world bosses to upgrade my thralls weapons. I also constructed all their armor. I built all the infrastructure and placeables. All in this time period. Never. went. above. half. Prior to last October, I could attack one village and build a few walls and it would put me near the first line. There was a period after the Halloween event where the lines weren’t moving at all. They then updated the purge mechanics. I didn’t build diddly squat and shortly thereafter I got a 4 wave Purge in 3 different locations. Its bugged. I’ve never seen one since. My purge line appears white some days… purple on others. Its not fixed for everyone… and man I’ve never seen a named thrall or dragon. Many… many many waves of undead in the volcano and Cimmerian lands. Hyenas in the south and Lemurians and apes in the jungle. I’ve seen a lot of purges… just nothing since after the last big purge update save the one wacky one I didn’t do anything to earn. Its still broken. Not for you, but for many of us it is. Also, edit, all of that was T3 on Telith’s island and I have two huge mini castles at the ends of drawbridges attached to it. All from the Tauranian DLC.

That’s fair. All I can share is my experience, as you do with yours. Hopefully with the info we share with each other helps Funcom make it better for everyone.

I did go through a period of about 3-4 months with a purge meter pegged to the full line. I watched as other clans received purged on a regular basis. It wasn’t until the “purge fix” patch that I started getting them at all.

What I’m getting at is that all our experiences are different which is frustrating because it shouldn’t be. But if our different experiences help Funcom make it right we should share them.


So I just got another purge. Seems to be something to do with the area I’m building in. When I’m hanging out doing stuff near my Sep city base my purge metre is working as intended and I can get a purge happening in like 4 hrs. When I’m up north on the ridge at the top of gods claw or at my
Big base in the volcano it’s not happening properly. Has anyone else found that your locale affects purge activity?

Whoa 4 hours is smoking fast. I’d like to duplicate that. I haven’t noticed a difference in speed or lack there of based on location. Although I also haven’t been paying close attention to my purge meter. Would like to hear what everyone else experiences.

Let me clarify my meter was already about half way lol. I didn’t fill my entire metre in 4 hrs just what was left after the day before. It’s only draining abnormally when I’m at my northern base. I spent a couple days at Sep City and everything functions normal there.

@Catspaw thought you would enjoy this. Cimmerian Beast Masters Purge. https://youtu.be/cWXxFAl3YIk

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@Wak4863 - thank you, I did enjoy that. Now I’m looking forward to a thrall flush purge of my own someday… maybe 2020? I do hope you got some of those named NPCs on a wheel.

Yeah all that lived made it to the wheel. Well a friends wheel at least. :+1: still need to finish renovating that base and placing another wheel.

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