Is it me, or did my purge meter freeze?



I play on official, and my purge meter froze, like everyone else. (stayed the same for the last 3 days)

My question is; Is it a visual bug, or are purges actually frozen?


Purge meter is frozen for myself as well on Official, however, Purge is working as intended (if you call it that).


So purges trigger for oneself despite one’s bar being at half, after 4 days?


That’s interesting, because I’ve been unable to trigger purges in Single Player using the console. I wanted to verify if the areas that can get human purges (under official server settings) has expanded.

But I did get a Purge on official Live after the patch (Friday evening I think?), and then my meter froze (like everyone else’s?). It was at 10-20% after the Purge, and now it’s seemingly stuck at 0%.


Mine until yesterday (Haven’t had a chance to log yet), was also stuck around 10-20%. Usually during the night it raises a bit, plus during game time. However, my purge meter didn’t increase at all yesterday. I farmed a ton of stone, wood and iron, made a bunch of stonebrick (What a huge pain in the arse compared to the alternative) and upgraded pieces of my base.

Not sure if it’s only a visual bug, so I’m back to having to leave the game open just in case >_>…


Nvm, my purge meter is also “empty” today.


My Purge meter stopped working after the update as well, barley moves when I log back in it looks like it reset


Over 24hrs since purge and the meter is still full. Official server PVE-C, US.


I had a purge before the patch and now my purge meter is also frozen. Half way between zero and the first white mark. Guess the purges are bugged and we won’t be getting any purges in the meter doesn’t go up.
Please fix this Funcom.


I can’t believe they still have not got the Purge fixed.


It was working (mostly) before the (first part of the) pets patch. Now it’s broken again though.


If Purges are still triggering then this could just be a visual bug. I’ve reported it to the dev team nonetheless and will have someone investigate it


True. I did have a Purge myself just prior to the meter freezing, so I know it’s possible for them to trigger post-patch. But whether it’s still possible with the meter (at least visually) stuck at zero I don’t know. Haven’t had a Purge since, but then they were always sporadic, so that’s not much of a confirmation either way.

Excellent. Purges (and preparing for same) are PVE players’ primary form of entertainment apart from the building system, so going without it is rather sad.


To me it did not look as if it was freezing but more that it was moving down instead of up.


It isn’t a visual bug. There’s numerous threads about this and it seems fairly widespread. Nobody on my server has seen a purge since the DLC patch, and others from other servers have reported the same.

Oh, and it isn’t just frozen, but it’ll sometimes actually reset back to 0. It is unrelated to server restarts as well.


After patch the purgmeter resets at login it seems, i will usually get about 20% rise in a game session, and next time i go online the purgemeter is at 0.

Before the patch we usually had 2-3 purges a week, so theres definitively something going on with that function atm.


Agreed, although the Direwolf purges are hard for me, theres a lot of fun preparing for them and fighting in them!


Xbox1 player here, purge meters also stuck on my personal sever since first day of pets patch, almost halfway between the start and the usual purge trigger line (second from last line), did a sever reset and nothing, still stuck at the same point, please advise.


I have the exact same. My purge meter 4-5 days ago was like 90%, but now is like 70%. Also I din’t have purge at all from begining when I playing online pvp/pve servers (before and after the update) And it is like a month when I play.


Thanks guys :slight_smile: We’re still investigating the issue, but any information you guys can provide us with will point us in the right direction.


Others on my server have reported Purges as well, they’re rare but they happen. I cannot say whether they’re less frequent than before.

My gut feeling says “yes, they’re rarer since the patch”, but as many Purges either target someone offline, or are just never reported in Global chat, the target quietly defeating them with nothing interesting or noteworthy happening, it’s just that: a gut feeling.

It’s also possible everyone’s meter was reset, which would obviously create a (temporary) slowdown in the number of Purges experienced, as everyone would be competing for a limited number of potential Purges at roughly the same time (assuming the Purge meter refills at a relatively similar rate for all active players, which is a reasonable assumption).