Purge meter not moving after 5-2 patch?

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug | Performance
Server type: Single-player
Region: NA

I can’t say I’ve ever really understood the purge meter fully, but I’ve had a few purges in my SP game so far. For my last few play sessions It’s been really close to the little hashmark that means a purge might happen. I have a weak base in the north that I think would get destroyed if it got purged, so I’ve been shoring up the walls with Reinforced Stone like crazy, and capturing T3 archers to man it. Up until the patch, this kind of activity was bumping the purge meter up a few pixels every play session, and I 've been watching it like a hawk and kind of racing it to get this base in better shape. But today and yesterday, since the patch, with activities like building walls and also hunting a couple elephants and bears, I swear the meter has not budged a pixel.

It’s totally possible I’m deluding myself here, so I’m not out and out claiming its bugged, but I’m just wondering if anybody else has noticed the purge meter not ticking since the 5/2/19 patch

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Build lots of stuff before the 5/2 patch
  2. Note the purge meter going up
  3. Build comparable amounts of stuff after the 5/2 patch
  4. Note that the purge meter seems not to be going up

@monkeybarrel, I built very little, but killed quite a lot today. Sort of in the mood to see blood flow :wink:

My purge meter went from almost zero to 10% below the first mark (possible purge). We were not purged last night, but as I left, we were well within the ‘you gonna get purged’ zone. Apparently server reset or inactivity overnight removed that.

I play online private, a friend’s PC set up as a server, not coop.

I’m not sure how this compares to a solo game, but I would bet @Vattende would know.



Perhaps when the patch loaded it reset the purge settings for your solo game. I know from many other posts that patch updates can randomly change solo and server settings without the owners changing them.

For example: when I logged in for the first time since the patch into the official pve server I have my character on - the setting for “show name plates” was not checked. I’ve never had that off before, so was wondering why I could not see the names of my thralls … went to settings to find it not ticked.

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It depends lot your settings for the purge as i experimented. This on server and soloplayer.
But for server i saw different reports the last time about meter dicreasing very fast, or reseting completely.
But for sure, for soloplayers, or very small clans it’s a very hard task to maintain to meter up and ever still fill it up more.
Lately i trigered my 3rd purge on testlive, this with default settings, but i must admit that i had a lot to run, and to be *in the mood to see blood flow" all the time nearly. :rofl:

I think for bigger clan it’s way easier to trigger the pruge now.

Agree, patches can do that, also revert back ini and such fun stuff.

So back-up still a good thing before hit the update button. :wink:

But for the purge, meter seems to decrease very fast now, making it very hard for solo players or small clans.

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