Purge Meter resets itself?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

I am playing on a private PVE Server for ps4. Yesterday the purge meter was almost full (~80%). As i watched later to my inventory i recognized, that the purge meter was resetted.
I did not have any purge, i checked the logs. I stopped playing and waited for the server restart to have a look today, but nothing changed. The purge meters is still empty. This would have been the first purge on this Server.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Ok maybe i resolved it myself. Yesterday i established a Clan. I was the only Member. I guess this corrupted the purge meter. Now i dissolved the Clan, and the purge meter is back to where it was yesterday (80%)

It this intended? Even if i am a Single player creating a clan for myself?
(Befor someone asks: some server owner want single player also have a Clan, to recognized witch buildings belongs to whom)

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You should get with the server owner and get them to speed up the purge. 42,000 is default. 22,000 or less makes it more interesting. If it’s set really low and at level 4 you can get a lot of named thralls.

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Hi @Bonney, since this has occurred in a private server, we’d need to know its current purge settings to be able to offer more insight into the matter.

It’s intended.

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@Bonney easy enough after your purge hits start a clan again and your meter will fill under the new name. Clan names are a must on my server also because people who block spawning points need to be contacted. Also for events.

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Even solo players should really start their own clan to avoid the “join clan” spam. When I first started I was obviously building where someone else wanted so they proceeded to spam me with clan invites. After a time I accidentally accepted and ALL my stuff became inaccessible to me. The clan proceeded to pull my stuff down and build their own after kicking me from the clan.

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@Darkzombie ouch I forgot about that one.

Purge settings are vanilla. Only setting that has been changed was time restricted 6pm to 10pm. But this hasn’t any influence to the meter.

I didn’t have any problems with vanilla settings. Getting Beasttamer purge very often. Purge setting on level 6 doesn’t mean, that every purge is a level 6 purge. It’s random

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Aware of that just increases the odds for a human purges witch I have personally experienced

I’ve been noticing purge resets on my server too. I have a feeling Funcom could use more in-house testers that can report directly to their employer and help get a number of issues solved that have been lingering for a long time that don’t get fixed. Many of the replies in the bugs and fixes get ignored it seems and the problem in some cases get worse as more content is released.

Another option is to hire me on and give me a team of devs to make Conan be the best it can be :P.

#MakeConanGreatAgain #NotaTrumpsupporter

@Bonney Thank you for clarifying on the settings.

@IgottwormmS We have both internal and external QA, certain older issues (such as those related to purges) have lingered for a bit longer as they require a large rework of certain features and intertwined systems, which are definitely on the table.
As an example, followers and their AI have undergone an extensive rework (as in, being mostly redone) in the past, addressing many issues and concerns while adding additional features and some requested changes.

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